I just logged back in to confirm, I can spend and create custom P2SH, it's been quite the reverse engineering journey (and I couldn't have done it without some inside help and stackexchange)

Eonbasics creates discreet log contracts with Schnorr and the matching time lock contract with scripts, it's pretty neat!


The rust part for creating the P2SH stuff if here:


Any suggested bitcoin meetup in San Francisco or nearby in the coming weeks or January?

Yayks.. Moxie is blocking bitcoiners left and right for calling it out for what it is. A pirate is a pirate, no shame in pillage and plunder, the righteousness is a bit out of place.

I was at a VC event about fintech, it was all about password-less identification, strong customer identity, optimise processes.. no one talked about inflation and arbitrary monetary policy and how to shield consumers.

On one side it was interesting to feel what the corporate market wants now, on the other side it was a bit of a let down, where are the big problems and the big shots?

So we are all coming back soon I guess? Where's Jack at here?

What can be an interesting Bitcoin-related application for a touch screen? Maybe a game? Never coded a game but could give it a shot.. found this old odroid!

when there is too much noise on twitter, this place is gold.. a nice break from panic sell/panic buy/dump memes..

@LazyNinja hey, just seen your tweet about MK3, will you do a YouTube/podcast explaining the software parts? hardware is too difficult anyway

I just finished my first room as a "host" in clubhouse. It was fun, I bashed tokens left and right.

What is the consensus on NFTs state of art? They may have some use cases, to me though the current technology stack is not good, moreover NFT can "represent" anything, which is tricky from a regulation and fiscal perspective. Private real estate companies could use a liquid market for their shares, but how can you "prove" they actually have the real estate?

help me understand the value of a signed tweet put into an NFT. Is this the future of collectibles? I somewhat understand there are some use cases with augmented reality and NFTs, like your piece of art is complete only if you look at it through a device AND you have the token. But I'm really trying hard and anyway, the token tweet doesn't make any sense.

So I'm in the middle of researching how to create sort of a "private OP_RETURN" with tapscript. My current guess is that one of the branches would be for proving knowledge of a preimage. But since what the public sees is hashed, it may as well be just the knowledge of a string, you will reveals it when spending eventually. Not sure if I'm making sense, is anyone else looking into it?

I've just seen an interesting discussion which also bamboozled me:

how can you be sure an hardware wallet is generating the correct addresses/seeds from entropy and not just showing you some precomputed values? You should build bitcoincore on a separate machine and double check, but then you may just use that.

I guess spectre diy hardware is going in this direction? Still, how do you "check"? It's not so clear to me.

What are the main points pro and against using NFTs? So far I have: when public it means leaking sales volumes, with a weak physical-digital link they make counterfeiting simpler, it's a standard in theory but in practice you need all users on the same chain. Only pro that comes to mind is: speeds up development of product stories for marketing purposes, could be a touchpoint with consumers (cost/benefit is iffy though)

So I did my first structured introduction to bitcoin, it went through these topics: i) macro, why does it make sense (inflation, ngu, most secure place where to put data); ii) the basic concepts pointing to grokking bitcoin; iii) privacy, why it matters and how to do it right pointing to Odell's resources; iv) where to buy; v) how to store, coldcard, plates and electrum/wasabi vi) tax in Italy/EU, first know the rules of the game then decide what to do.


I think we are past the moon:) 📈📈📈

Who else liked the ranch in Argentina story which Chad Saylor used to explain why a CFO should move to BTC? I think it was great, if anything, maybe it was "too much" about the price gains. There are some aspects of BTC (like it's REALLY expensive to change) which makes sense for CFOs anyway. All logs of processes, cash transfers approvals, there's a lot of stuff that would just work better on BTC.

I'm setting up my project for the weekend: port single use seals from op_return to Schnorr and Taproot, simple stuff but will help me grasp the concepts

I know it's not strictly bitcoin related, but the meme-level was savage: Gamestop comment on Robinhood "let the people trade", lol.

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