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Remember when you wished you had bought more when was pushing $42k? That’s what dips are for.

Today is a great day to tell friends & family to buy :bitcoin: at a nice discount from prior ATH of $42K!

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Everyone come to Austin for the Austin Bitcoin Developers meetup on January 21, not this Thursday but next Thursday. Justin and Ben will lead the seminar but I'm sure we will also discuss Texas bitcoin citadels no doubt @[email protected] @benthecarman

Save for Retirement. Or even for your children. This is the way.

Glad to see mostly Bitcoiners here. I’ve seen a few “crypto” people. Not sure if they think they will be able to scam us or what? Lol

If you’re a Bitcoiner () retweet and follow & I’ll follow you as well. No shitcoiners.

is a new kind of species, devouring everything in its path.

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