We NEED to activate Taproot!

There isn't anything controversial about the upgrade & it's NEEDED to continue growing the lightning network & privacy improvements on Bitcoin.

We should UASF-Taproot to show the world USERS run this network. There's precedent!

it's very refreshing to see a lot of bitcoiners wake up to the social engineering of twitter. It happened in the past with reddit and it's still heavily used for discussion.

Twitter, reddit, and other centralized services(exchanges) need to be labeled what they are... DOXNETS.

It's a location on the internet to remove the pseudoeonymity of bitcoin outputs and tie your identify to wallets.

Stay vigilant bitcoiners of the universe. The only route forward is further decentralization. Love y'all

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Today i will annoy you here a bit more. Twitter has a new policy: bait tweets that get you blocked, without any warning, if you RT. In order to "educate" you to be more cautious next time in RTing wrongthink.

Who will be around to tell everyone "it's their right as a private company to censor," after twitter shuts down all the libertarians?

We are facing a tyranny

It's great to see Bitcoin move past the censorship platforms. I hope it continues and we'll further see it's decentralized quality. Bitcoiners lead the way, light up the path to freedom and liberty. ✊

Bitcoin moving like we all new it would, those with faith shall be rewarded 🙌

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