Triggering vegans should be an Olympic sport. 🙄

@nvk Dude, can we please stop with the dietary partisanship? Lots of vegans in bitcoin too, myself included. I really dgaf what other people eat.

@stark I know you are, but there are too many annoying vegans pissing me off when I share pics of meat or my dietary preferences. They also protest small businesses here like crazy.

@nvk @stark

Then keep your comments where they are relevant and not here. I don't think that's too difficult.

@kcalvinalvin @stark You don't have to use this instance 😂

I'm sure the person who started it, did so he could talk about meat too.

Or just mute/block me.


@nvk @kcalvinalvin @stark I’ve been exploring and discussing a store of high nutrient value food analogous to btc #🥩🤪😀

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