I love Matthew 24 and it really boils down to endurance, faith, and always being ready when the poop hits the fan....

Is Bitcoin God’s tool for preparing his sheep🤔🤠

It sure seems to glorify his morals and virtues and wake us from the fiat matrix🙂

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I am happy to come and publically speak at ANY event anywhere in the world, BUT your country MUST allow me to enter with NO Test & NO mandatory Quarantine & masks at your event MUST be 'optional'.
*No need to pay for my travel expenses, human interaction is my reward! twitter.com/aantonop/status/13

The poor man and the oppressor have this in common: The Lord gives light to the eyes of both. If a king judges the poor with truth, his throne will be established forever (Proverbs 29:13 - 14). :bitcoin: is the light and was created for this time of darkness. God is good😇

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Everything just feels so surreal lately. The whole bitcoin community has been by the far the smartest group of people i've ever had the pleasure to associate with my entire life. Completely changed me and secured generations of wealth for my family and child. Today is just one of those days i need to pause and soak it all in. It's been an incredible journey and we are still so early.

Avatar changed to reflect my mood🚀🙂

@NunyaBidness you a Doge millionaire yet...better dust off your bags🤠

When many high time preference options ultimately fail, :bitcoin: will be waiting for all those who are tired losing 🙂

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GameStop seems like a tremor.
I feel a :bitcoin: lack swan is coming👀

:bitcoin: will sting if I mess up and do not abide by its laws. It will reward me if I follow its rules. It will reward me as soon as I learn from my past mistake(s). It has endless grace and redemption. No matter how hard I try, I will never be perfect when interacting with :bitcoin:. IMO, :bitcoin: is glorifying Jesus Christ. I am a sinner and Bitcoin through a Biblical view shows me how to proceed.

Our Great Reset is not their Great Reset. We Build Back Better ....with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Hodler’s Journey is one of growth and definitely more exciting that anything found within the fiat paradigm. The FUD by outsiders and maximalist alike are mental stressors that can be optimized for increasing your overall strength. K.I.S.S..Don’t sell back into fiat, don’t trade altcoins, & keep stacking sats. Glory is just over the hill🤠

Bible & US Constitution/Bill of Rights are a great foundation for a civil society but only works if society maintains moral standards. It appears they are rapidly declining and partly due to the infection of cancerous fiat money that has spread through the whole body of civilization. By the grace of God, Bitcoin was introduced to change our course. The faith required for a Hodler’s Journey to bypass the Lambos and mansions w/extreme low time preference may be the pathway to eternal salvation.

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