Bull markets are fun when.... from the beginning of, to by the time this song ended at the 3EB concert, the btc price shoots up $500

FOMO is a strong feeling that tugs at me to refocus and stack sats regardless of Bitcoin bull/bear market. I know there are a new round of hodlers being minted. These hodlers will create the next higher lows when the next bear market hits. I’m excited to be a part of what I believe to be a gift from god when I was looking for an exit strategy in times of hubris.

Psalm 62:10

Put no trust in extortion; set no vain hopes on robbery; if riches increase, set not your heart on them.

And I’ll add just dca, hodl on, and enjoy your days🙂

The beauty of being a btc hodler, I never feel bad exchanging fiat for bitcoin whatever the spot price. Imo, if it achieves its mission, dollar cost averaging over musical chairs trading allows me to maximize time to do other things. Btc pump days do elicit a dopamine response, but steady accumulation is the serotonin that keeps me content. Hodl on🤩

Chapter 2: The Early Patriot Press describes similar scenarios that may help us see where Bitcoin is today. It seems we are on the brink of disruption that will elevate humanity to another level. Bitcoin will remove scales from eyes. Each of us will be exposed for the amount of shit we believe or peddle. Eventually, truth will prevail. Hopefully, I’m not full of shit. Hodl on🙂

Abolition of man, Screwtape Letters, the Great Divorce, Mere Christianity, and several other C.S. Lewis books are great mental chewing for BTC Maximalist from a philosophical perspective imo. I’m personally hooked on his literary works right now and it makes me even more comfortable ethically & morally....I’m red pilled and can’t unsee. I still mention BTC to friends who just aren’t there yet. While I wait for others to get it, I am trying to get myself closer to truth/reality. Hodl, hodl 🙂

For cold storages like Ledger....even tho you can generate 24 seed words offline on their device, how do you know that the device doesn’t produce combinations that were already produced and known by Ledger🤔. Trust is a bitch. Bitcoin is so valuable that securing it seems like a never ending process.🤪

Bitcoin doesn’t seem to care about my trivial opinions & I’m finding it easier to just buy/hodl....be more the quiet observer along this journey. ....until next time, peace out all 🙂

There will be a documentary similar to Fyre..dealing with shitcoins and their influencers will have a similar McFarland quote “we are selling a pipe dream to your average loser” netflix.com/title/81035279

Bitcoin from the 30,000 ft. perspective; fiat price doesn’t stimulate me other than buy more & hodl. Bitcoin never promises altruistic utopias like all the scam coins. In order to succeed, I need “skin in the game”. Bitcoin involves high risk/reward & I should never feel too secure...always exploring better practices for securing every Satoshi. Bitcoin is a borderless nation constantly growing. It thrives in a flawed world where politicians reject laws of nature. I imagine Wild West 2.0.🤠

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 to all and God bless everyone of us. Special thanks to @bottomshelfbtc for putting out an amazing podcast that gives much needed perspective🙂. itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bo

twitter.com/crypto_macro/statu I count my blessings that I honed in on Bitcoin only....after wading through sh*t🙂

Anyone participating in the Trace Mayer’s support for Jan. 3 push to move all your Bitcoin to your own cold storage device...I think it is being called 🙂

One of the beauties of Bitcoin is it shows me how little shit I know....even when I think I know....I’m just guessing

Highly enjoying this read. Socrates is amazing with his conversation skills.... deducing everything down in order to get closest to finding the truth.... and they kill him for it

When analyzing philosophical stances in other areas of my life outside of Bitcoin, I found some errors in my ways. Bitcoin works within confines of Nature’s laws. I hear many people say things like “I am fiscally conservative, but socially liberal”....(I had this stance once). I came to find out that I was naive in my thinking. Laws = Rules. Either I had to learn Nature’s laws or stay ignorant to them. Bitcoin will hopefully bring more people to question everything they thought they knew.

Watching the BCH death spiral in real time and visualizing bagholders selling off at just the right speed as to maximize profits while not crashing the BCH market. I visualize the swirl in the bathtub as the water is almost fully drained or the sand filled hourglass that seems slow moving until the last few seconds.

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