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cycle Google Trends interest level top

2011 -> 3

2013 -> 12 (4x 2011)

2017 -> 100 (8x 2013)

2021 -> 50?

According to this measure of global interest/hype, we're closer to March 2017 price levels ($1,000).

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Your family and friends might pressure you to buy property.

But for wealth building, renting and stacking sats smashes that.

Fiat normies go through life unaware of the underlying problems of fiat money.

Help them see why they need to hold assets appreciating in purchasing power and they might have a chance.

Sure, we can laugh at hypochondriac morons wearing triple-masks all day while walking outdoor alone. We can mock the absurd superstitious rituals of scared folks rushing to wear masks while entering a restaurant, then taking them off after 30 seconds in order to eat and ...

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When bad things happen, most people pray, become nicer to other people, self reflect, & move on.

On the other hand, politicians, when facing bad situations, make things 10x worse, fundraise off tragedy, seek division rather than unity, & prolong the problem as long as possible. twitter.com/alexbruesewitz/sta

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Understand 'Bitcoin the organism' before thinking about 'Bitcoin the financial instrument.'

:bitcoin: EATS THE WORLD

Narcissism is the enemy of good investing.

They're hoping that reality would change to validate their investments rather than doing the hard work of learning to evaluate reality properly.

“He who is unfit to serve his fellow citizens wants to rule them.”
― Ludwig von Mises

Bitcoin makes so you must serve your fellow citizen and you can't rule them. Truly unprecedented sound money principles.

I officially have more followers here than on Twitter. Guess there's no going back lol

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