I'm helping a friend find an e-commerce platform like Shopify, but that doesn't have a history of closing accounts based on (SJW) politics. (Yeah a self-hosted store is more censorship resistant, but this is for a non-technical person). Any suggestions?

BigTech deplatforming continues and Twitter hasn't stopped getting worse. I last logged in to Mastodon about a month ago. What have I missed?

BCash continues its death spiral against bitcoin, now at 0.08.

@5tmgau Thank you. Did you have any trouble with BTC Payserver? It didn't work for me the first time. The transaction confirmed on the blockchain but not on BTC Payserver. Anyone here that can help?

@5tmgau Awesome! 🤠 Every bit helps.

The gun logo turning into a squirt gun is ridiculous. 🔫

@elcapitan I think Cody gets practical when he thinks it is the best option to accomplish his goals, which some would consider principled. I can't speak for him and can see the counterarguments to that line of reasoning.

@Sthaosin There's not static address to donate to Defense Distributed. They use BTC Payserver. Here's the website to donate: defcad.com/

@jeremy @patmillertime @thewumbles @hiyitopatada

I was suggesting something like that, but his response I can sympathize with.

@hiyitopatada @jeremy @thewumbles

I live in California and the state has taken away many gun rights that are supposed to be protected by the constitution, but also Supreme Court rulings. These rights include concealed carry, open carry, 3-D printing, "assault weapons" and others.

The courts ruling in his favor could ultimately secure his case. But in the mean time, the state attorney generals are trying to drag him into court for hears. He had to take down the files.

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