I'm helping a friend find an e-commerce platform like Shopify, but that doesn't have a history of closing accounts based on (SJW) politics. (Yeah a self-hosted store is more censorship resistant, but this is for a non-technical person). Any suggestions?

@Ragnarly woocommerce its wordpress' open source version of shopify. woocommerce is way better and it also works with BTCPay server

@Ragnarly Check out Bitcoin shirt's tutorial on setting up a store with bitcoin and lightning payments on woocommerce, with BTCpay server:

@Ragnarly Woocommerce is a little more difficult than shopify, but it is wordpress based, which doesn't require any knowledge of code and is a pretty intuitive and easy to learn content management system that is noob friendly. They can learn how to set up the store in an afternoon. You can also self host a siteground site that has wordpress in a one click install, for like 4 bucks a month. They can use my btcpayserver for free so they don't even need to worry about that part...

@Ragnarly @bitcoinshirt has done so many BTCPayServer tutorials for up a wordpress store. Selling physical items or digital? @esky33 makes it easy at for the pay server.

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