Any 2nd amendment supporters here? I'm trying help Cody Wilson raise money for the lawsuits against Defcad.

Roger Ver is matching BCH donations and bitcoin .com is a partner.

I brought up the BCash issue with Cody on Twitter and we had this exchange:

Please consider donating some bitcoin. Defcad uses BTCPay Server instead of Coinbase or BitPay.


@Ragnarly Looks like he needs to raise quite a bit a fast, so, pecunia non olet. A questionable decision but hopefully BTC donations will far exceed bcash.

@dden Ahhh yes "pecunia non olet". Roger Ver's might be the exception 🤡

@jeremy For all his fighting the good 2A fight, he doesn't seem very bright otherwise. Just angry and petulant. Not in his best interest to insult Bitcoiners, regardless of what he accepts or his dealings with Ver. Rednecks will redneck and you can only lead a horse to water...

Good luck to him.

@hiyitopatada @Ragnarly @jeremy
Check out It's very interesting, especially in the last third. Another saying about horses: Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

@thewumbles @hiyitopatada @Ragnarly well I will say this about him he's getting sued by everybody under the sun and he's still fighting, the best of luck to him.

Not saying he doesn't deserve support. But the 2A and my right to buy a gun will go on, regardless. I support the free speech aspect of this, as well. But the courts have already ruled in his favor, and if our decentralized tech is as good as we think, it wouldn't matter anyway. Shopify will seem trivial in 10-20 years. 3D code is out there. I just don't buy into the hero complex some have for him.

@hiyitopatada @jeremy @thewumbles

I live in California and the state has taken away many gun rights that are supposed to be protected by the constitution, but also Supreme Court rulings. These rights include concealed carry, open carry, 3-D printing, "assault weapons" and others.

The courts ruling in his favor could ultimately secure his case. But in the mean time, the state attorney generals are trying to drag him into court for hears. He had to take down the files.

@jeremy @thewumbles @hiyitopatada @Ragnarly I am not happy that he partnering with Roger Ver. His reputation is unfortunately now very in question

@patmillertime @thewumbles @hiyitopatada @Ragnarly what's crazy is that if he made a big show of giving it back saying he didn't want it the Bitcoin community would throw so much cash his way. Missed opportunity in my opinion...

@jeremy @patmillertime @thewumbles @hiyitopatada

I was suggesting something like that, but his response I can sympathize with.

Everyone is making good points here. But I am wondering, when is this less about 1A & 2A, and more about Cody Wilson? When is that line between the good fight and self-promotion crossed?
@jeremy @thewumbles

@hiyitopatada @patmillertime @thewumbles @Ragnarly If Roger tried to give me money, I wouldn't accept it. That's just me.

Roger Ver is a known scammer and imo sociopath, who to serve his own greed and ego, attacked Bitcoin and betrayed the principles and protocol that made him rich in the first place. If we are the company we keep, what does that say about Wilson? I think it's valid to question Wilson's judgment. Perhaps Bitcoiners reluctance was wisdom, not miserly. Supporting the cause and the person are not one in the same.
@patmillertime @thewumbles @Ragnarly

@hiyitopatada @jeremy @patmillertime @Ragnarly all this shit talk is not suitable for freemen. Action speaks louder than reputation and far louder than words. The man is a patriot. He’s attacking the ultimate power of the state over its “subjects”. You prefer to live under the boot?

@hiyitopatada @jeremy @patmillertime @Ragnarly and frankly to hell with Roger. He’s simply scum. But money doesn’t have a smell. That’s *the whole point*.

@thewumbles @hiyitopatada @patmillertime @Ragnarly false dichotomy. I've been fighting the empire for a long second now. This issue is literally the only one I have with Cody. Doesn't keep me from fighting, though. I just disagree.

Is this a serious question? Get a grip on yourself. If you want to donate Bitcoin to Cody, go ahead. Nobody is stopping you.

And your insinuation that if it doesn't make headlines, then it doesn't count, is immature trash lacking any broader thinking or context. Or if we don't kiss Cody's ass, we're all a bunch of sellouts, is equally dumb.
@jeremy @patmillertime @Ragnarly

@jeremy @thewumbles @hiyitopatada

Yeah, he has not just 'skin in the game' but, as Nassim Taleb describes it, 'soul in the game'. He's risking more than money, he's risking jail time, financial ruin, and potentially violence from various actors.

@thewumbles @hiyitopatada @jeremy

"Never look a gift horse in the mouth" descrkibes his situation, and is a funny phrase. Behind the scenes I'm trying to help Cody set up a more sustainable plan than relying on donations.

@hiyitopatada @jeremy Cody is bright. His combativeness gives him the stamina and aggressiveness to fight the State. Yet this trait leads him to alienate allies sometimes, as in this case. OTOH he's right about bitcoiners not donating to his cause over the years and now - tough for me to hear, and disappointing.

@hiyitopatada @Ragnarly @jeremy BTC vs BCH isn’t the fight Cody is fighting, and it’s defendable for him not to take sides in that fight. I’m also glad to see Roger using his wealth to fund something good *for once*.

@hiyitopatada @Ragnarly @jeremy you should listen to Cody’s speeches and interviews, this would purge from you any idea of him being a “red neck” 🙂

@Sthaosin There's not static address to donate to Defense Distributed. They use BTC Payserver. Here's the website to donate:

@Ragnarly Seems to me Cody is lacking principle and doesn't care if he promotes morally flexible people who take advantage of other ppl. So for me he just demoted himself from an idealist trying to make things better to some troublemaker who doesn't care and just wants to play with his guns and be on TV.

@elcapitan I think Cody gets practical when he thinks it is the best option to accomplish his goals, which some would consider principled. I can't speak for him and can see the counterarguments to that line of reasoning.

@Ragnarly As far as I understand the thing he is doing, he is trying to shift the power of producing weapons from a central authority to everybody. Using a currency which is doing the exact opposite in terms of decentralisation and at the same time its proponents are scamming people shows that his priorities are somewhere else and everything he says regarding that should be talken with at least a grain of salt. This also shifts my prios regarding the time I spend following his project.

@5tmgau Awesome! 🤠 Every bit helps.

The gun logo turning into a squirt gun is ridiculous. 🔫

@5tmgau Thank you. Did you have any trouble with BTC Payserver? It didn't work for me the first time. The transaction confirmed on the blockchain but not on BTC Payserver. Anyone here that can help?

@Ragnarly No, it went through fine.

There is a UX improvement opportunity when the payee (me) is using a mobile phone for both the btcserver payment request and to pay using a mobile wallet. Btcserver gave me a QR code, which is great, but because I was on my mobile already I could not use my mobile btc wallet to take a picture of the QR code. Hope that makes sense. I would be great if I could like copy the QR code and paste it in my mobile wallet.

@Ragnarly Why not make the donation through shapeshift or similar from bitcoin to BCasH. That way one can drain Rogers funds and its stille a btc donation as it registar from the shapeshit invoice it was really a bitcoin donation

@Ragnarly That of course easier! I just like the thought of donating and simultaniatiosly taking some of Rogers money.

@Ragnarly heck yeah, I'm a supporter. I'll send him some BTC. I downloaded the blue print for the gun years ago, can't find it now :(.

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