I ran a poll on Twitter, asking, "What area of bitcoin do you understand the least or most want to learn more about?"

#1 answer was "Running a node / mining".

@Ragnarly where are some good places to learn about running a node?

@Ragnarly this new is so sneaky. Some notable subparagraph as (Possible problems, minimum requirements) are factually wrong and seem to discourage people from running their own node.

Yeah, and ch8 of Grokking Bitcoin. Oh, and some more full node goodies in appendix A.

@Ragnarly I feel like the community has been doing great work helping others down the full node setup path.

Knowledge is power and having so many hand holding (and levels of detail) options available is invaluable to growing this community.

I appreciated the guides from @Stadicus and @meeDamian a lot looking into dedicated low power full node hardware.

@Ragnarly I have run a Miner and "tried" to set up a full node mostly because I wanted to understand the system I was using. Unfortunately lost money mining and for some reason the BTC wallet was never able to update to the current block, always got stuck and had to start over and I eventually gave up.

@Ragnarly would also have been the same answer to the question, "what's the least profitable thing you can do with bitcoin."

@Ragnarly ya, i just saw someone mention about using a pi for a bitcoin node...

I have a pi... so that seems like something i should try

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