Who here is going to the Baltic HoneyBadger Conference in September?

Wish I could. Ain't gonna happen though. I will hope to be following the streams.

@mydogisahusky @Ragnarly I watched all of last year's videos. Best conference out there. Expect nothing less this year

@Ragnarly Nope. On a full-time dev mission until mid-Oct. Also not a fan of these big confs. I prefer small, casual meetups.

@Ragnarly I’m tempted to book a flight to London for this one: London Bitcoin Devs with Jon Newbery (Chaincode Labs, Bitcoin Optech) this Thursday.

@Ragnarly was considering it but I can't make the Sept work. Looks amazing.

@stark 👋 Looking forward to meeting you and hearing the latest and greatest on the Lightning Network!

@Ragnarly @stark
Im looking forward to hearing your talks. Your talk last year was great Elizabeth.
Last year was great and this year looks just as good.

@Ragnarly @stark 255 Euro tickets are unfairly cheap. Consensus was $2000 😂

@Ragnarly Consensus is overblown ICO hype crystallized into a conference ticket. (I didn't go)

@Ragnarly does anyone know how the carnivor scene is out there?

@Ragnarly I shall be attending, my first trip to Europe :)

@Ragnarly this looks like a cool conference. Allstar lineup

@Ragnarly 👋 already booked conference, plane and hotel

@Ragnarly When choosing the pic, I didn't consider it's ...hmmm... outlook from the perspective of price. From that perspective I'm a long term bull since 2011.


From the website: The Baltic Honeybadger conference is driven by the cypherpunk movement. We're not promoting various so called altcoins, ICOs, banks and other blockchain-based "snake oil".

Damn I wish I could go to this.

@dammkewl @Ragnarly Honeybadger was totally worth it. Best non-technical bitcoin conference i've been to!

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