I'm helping a friend find an e-commerce platform like Shopify, but that doesn't have a history of closing accounts based on (SJW) politics. (Yeah a self-hosted store is more censorship resistant, but this is for a non-technical person). Any suggestions?

BigTech deplatforming continues and Twitter hasn't stopped getting worse. I last logged in to Mastodon about a month ago. What have I missed?

BCash continues its death spiral against bitcoin, now at 0.08.

Any 2nd amendment supporters here? I'm trying help Cody Wilson raise money for the lawsuits against Defcad.


Roger Ver is matching BCH donations and bitcoin .com is a partner.

I brought up the BCash issue with Cody on Twitter and we had this exchange: twitter.com/Ragnarly/status/10

Please consider donating some bitcoin. Defcad uses BTCPay Server instead of Coinbase or BitPay.


About 3/4 of the way through my video the audio cuts out 🙃 Working to fix it.

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Today we released the videos from the Europe Summit of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association. Two videos that might interest this group.

"Using Bitcoin as Currency & Escrow for RE Purchases" by HouseHodl CEO Max Keidun: youtu.be/azQ5s6PlX_Y

And my "Blockchain Real Estate 101" youtu.be/Ro5NTOiluHE

The 7x bump in hash rate since last year doesn't get enough attention. Look at that chart. Insane.

I ran a poll on Twitter, asking, "What area of bitcoin do you understand the least or most want to learn more about?"

#1 answer was "Running a node / mining".

Who here is going to the Baltic HoneyBadger Conference in September?


Just executed my first block on Mastodon. "Centralized Lightning hubs... BTC broken at the protocol layer..."

> Bitcoin bootstraps as a "P2P Electronic Cash System" collectible interesting to cypherpunks

> Fiat onramps built, decentralization increases, network governance proven

> Value of monetary policy recognized, hodler investment thesis spreads, base layer transitions to legitimate store of value

> Second layer developed to scale "P2P Electronic Cash" to billions

> Base layer replaces central banking

> Lightning Network replaces payment systems

> Bitcoin becomes global unit of account

So this just happened.. Good thing we've got Mastodon!

Timeline of bitcoin online gathering:

bitcointalk.org --> Reddit --> Twitter --> Mastodon --> mesh network hidden tor service?

This move to mastodon is something special. It reaffirms my belief that you can't stop bitcoiners. You can try, but we're just going to run you over.

I found the only host matching all the requirement for BTCPay server: time4vps.eu/storage-servers/ … with @time4vps ... and it is cheap!

Will make a tutorial video on how to host your BTCPay server on this hosting provider.

@time4vps and @easyDNS seems to be the golden combination to workaround fiat.

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