we're all gonna die
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Norway 🇳🇴 has dropped all Covid restrictions including mask mandates.


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Trieste Italy 🇮🇹 Anti VAX Passport Rally...Reports are 20 K plus crowd... Italy is on Fire 🔥 👊

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This is new, balloon paint bombs.

Police love all the colours in the rainbow 🌈

Effective, please share.

as an inner-city kid i used to despise guns and the violence they caused. ive lost multiple friends to gun violence over the years. but now more than EVER am i pro-gun for reasons like this.

oh and before you all assume shit.
im vaccinated so eat a fucking dick
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@SCOTSANGEL1 @DaveVescio America doesn’t want what’s happening in Australia to happen in America

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@Lagarde @AnnetteCNBC @ecb You, the $EURO & the @ecb are liars and relics of a previous generation

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Australia 🇦🇺 Complete media blackout and servers down in Victoria today! This is what they don't want you to see! 👊👊👏

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@excellion @stephanlivera During a bull market cycle it feels like China bans Bitcoin once a month

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When the Swiss protest, you know something has gone way off the rails. twitter.com/disclosetv/status/

Once they manage to get everyone to call it 'crypto', it will then be easy to issue a CBDC and call it by the same name. Most normies will think this is what was meant all along and will completely miss out on what Bitcoin is.

This is happening right now.

If your plan requires 100% cooperation and obedience from the entire population to work, then it is probably a bad plan.

A drug that sends 1/250 healthy boys to hospital to prevent a disease very unlikely to need hospitalization — and they might not even get it ever.

Nothing like that was thought as “safe” before, ever.

It’s a scandal

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@pete @drgo instead of killing a few men who consented to a very risky mission, we are talking about possibly killing millions of perfectly healthy people who never consented to that risk.

@pete @lucash_dev I told my group if any vax mandate were construed as applying to me, I will continue to work until I’m arrested for trespassing…but I will walk away from the job before consenting to unnecessary vaccination (I have recovered from a perfectly documented case with corresponding clinical syndrome with appropriate antibody response).

But it will literally take someone acting unethically to force me to stop helping people who need me.

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This is not capitalism. Grown business men reduced to waiting, anticipating clue-seekers. Humiliating.

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