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AOL onboarded millions, potentially billions, of people to using TCP/IP for text based communication.

Those billions of people still use TCP/IP today.

Nothing superseded it.

Everything built on top of it.

TCP/IP is .

AOL is Coinbase.

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Good day to revisit some of your fav podcasts, what are yours?

I just listened again to @breedlove22 What is Money #7: The Virtues of Strong Money

"...When you pick a fight with the swarm and the swarm doesn't sleep, and you sleep, you're going to lose" [email protected]_saylor

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@elonmusk @EmperorBTC @CryptoWhale @PayPal @michael_saylor Sorry, someone had to say it.

I don't give a fuck that you're rich or popular. I'm not scared of you. You're a selfish asshole.

Leave out of your insecurities.

Humanity gains nothing from your ego.

Humanity gains everything from .

I will die on this hill.

Do you think ers would have to courage to speak up against all these powerful fiat billionaires if we were forced to use their money?

gives us the freedom to Speak Up for Ourselves

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When anyone in the future inevitably talks about ownership of not being fair, remember days and weeks like the past few. Every sat is and has been earned; if saving bitcoin were easy, everyone would do it but the hardened bitcoiner is borne of education and volatility.

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Strike's founder, @JackMallers' response to Elon Musk.

A thread for the ages. twitter.com/JackMallers/status

Bottom is in! Thanks Peter
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What happens if you buy the dip and then it keeps on dipping?

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Ppl wearing jeans and drinking coffee and eating almonds and avocados and driving cars and taking flights and using cellphones and buying new computers while complaining that uses electricity (70% of which is renewable).

How much Energy/CO2 do the Central Banks waste printing all those Oil Dollars?

If you ever had to do any deals that were time sensitive and end up being last minute on a Friday before banks close you immediately understand why wins.

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Just to review:

cars are Good because they use electricity. 🙏
miners are Bad because… they use electricity. 🤔

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Only 13% of our planet’s population is born into the dollar, euro, yen, etc.

The other 87% are born into autocracy or considerably less trustworthy currencies. 4.3 billion people live under authoritarianism, and 1.2 billion people live under double- or triple-digit inflation.

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Elon wanted to tank the price to make it more accessible.

He's giving you one more chance to accumulate cheap before we finish the consolidation and blast up.

You think you're buying an altcoin. You're actually paying for a marketing operation.

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Plot twist: Bitcoin will be the best thing to happen to the environment in our lifetimes

is a Wealth Transfer System - Every Dip and Rise in Price - Demonstrates how well engineered the Protocol really is - It works in any kind of stressful event possible.

If this stress happen on the fed wire - it would break


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@MicroStrategy CEO @michael_saylor reveals his exit strategy in new interview 😱😱

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