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The PyBLØCK users can send directly to @tallycoinapp on @mynodebtc, @RaspiBlitz, @getumbrel, @BitcoinMachines, …, on the “Platforms” section: -Tallycoin. |@djbooth007| ⚡️
RT @tallycoinapp
We're raising funds for developers to prepare, test and submit Tallycoin Connect to the app stores of @getumbrel, @mynodebtc & @RaspiBlitz.

Tallycoin Connect users receive donations without a 3rd party payment processor!

Help us decent…

"Wake up, Neo...
The Matrix has you...
Follow the white rabbit.
Knock, Knock, Neo."

“The Choice is yours”

Run , Run @_PyBlock_ 🕳🐇


A NYM is a name invented by or provided for an Internet user in order to conceal the user's real identity and, in some cases, to expressly create a new and separate Internet identity.

Check the @_PyBlock_ implementation with @Robohash to create “Node-Nyms”.


Have you already found the 3 easter eggs in PyBLØCK.

Share a screenshot if you find them and feel free to tag us.


⛓📟⚡️Full Node ➡️

📲 @_PyBlock_ ➡️ @WardenApp ✅

🖤 Hello @Jack, I’m @_PyBlock_:

I’m work in iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, ...

I have Clock of Blocks with sound and customizable color/fonts.
I can manage @bitcoincoreorg & @lightning.
I can connect with @Blockstream Satellite.

& more.

RT @Jack
has anyone made a blockclock-like iOS widget?

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