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Ahead of the Ugandan election, we're hearing reports that Internet service providers are being ordered to block social media and messaging apps.

We strongly condemn internet shutdowns – they are hugely harmful, violate basic human rights and the pr…

Solid log construction means repairs are simple. If a part goes bad just jack it up and put in a new one. Of course, in larger buildings you might need a bigger jack if you want to work fast but it isn't strictly necessary. Swedish 19th century cottage vs. Russian 17th c. church.

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@giacomozucco⁩ speaking that wisdom on ⁦@AleksSvetski⁩ Wake Up Pod...good episode fellas pca.st/episode/fb4323a5-c601-4

[Finnish] Aamulypsyn Jaajo sijoittaa shitcoineihin. Arvaahan sitä miten käy. @1:24:30 supla.fi/audio/3766261

Starting to really like this place more and more :)

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Normies learned this year:

- vaccines can be harmful
- elections are rigged
- homeschooling is possible
- democracy doesn’t work
- freedom of movement is gone
- freedom of speech is gone
- money printer go BRRR
- prepping is a must

2020 was a wake up year

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"We need to think very optimistically and act very pessimistically."

- @giacomozucco

Guys if we really want this to take off then we need the Mastodon memes to be better than the Twitter memes.

Who will become the Mastodon meme master?

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Those tools already exist and work (with all of their flaws) specifically and only because there are people who were paranoid enough to build them even during good times.

Time to use them for real every day
Time to learn about those topics
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every company has a monopoly on its own product

dazed and confused michael: @michaelmalice FB. It's a weak oligopoly with twitter and snap, but those are actually massively different products. No one uses twitter to log into other apps for instance.
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Yesterday, I thought I'd take crack at giving Mastodon - joinmastodon.org/ another try. Two quick tips for Twitter users:

1) Install Birdsite - gitlab.com/pmorinerie/birdsite so you can cross post to Twitter & Mastodon

2) Use Twidere - play.google.com/store/apps/det so you can see both your Twitter feed and Mastodon feed mixed in together

At least for me, this is a good transitionary step.

Myth: taxation is theft.

Fact: taxation is domestic terrorism.

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