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That’s because the last time men with guns openly walked down German streets we had to come liberate Europe. twitter.com/wahlstedt007/statu

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If someone makes a bot that collects all tweets censored by Twitter it would likely be the news outlet with the highest ratio of signal to noise. twitter.com/ZubyMusic/status/1

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Come join us at the bitcoin 2022 conference on South Beach! Some of your favorite bitcoiners will be speaking. See below!

Use the promo code FOMO at checkout & get 10% OFF your tickets before prices go up again!


@TheBitcoinConf @bitcoinmagazine

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The normalization of normal people standing up and protecting their property and their communities should be celebrated by those who want a free and liberal society. | @ThoBishop


is the answer
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GoFundMe’s Terms of Service prohibit raising money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime. In light of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, we want to clarify when and why we have removed certain fundraisers in the past: medium.com/gofundme-stories/go

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The 8-ball speaks: We’re giving away $1,000,000 in Bitcoin. RT this post with your $cashtag and make sure you’re following @CashApp to try to get some

No purch nec. Void where proh. Ends 11/30. Rules: bit.ly/3CqpLjg

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Just got a call from the media asking if my Twitter account was hacked. That is, the reporter couldn’t conceive of the idea that I could believe that Kyle is innocent because I am not a right winger. Crazy.

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Has Bill Maher been secretly following me on Twitter?

He literally just made several of the key points that I've been banging on about for nearly a year; pertaining to natural immunity, Big Pharma profiteering, vaxx fanaticism, mask cultism, and the firing of healthcare workers.

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IMO long liquidation cascades are a beautiful thing. Not only are they buying opportunities, but in this paradigm, no one is coming to bail you out. This introduces a key underlying principle that the current system doesn't have: Personal responsibility for your own decisions.

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It’s rare that you can tell how stupid someone is by looking at them but with Brian you really can. twitter.com/BrentHBaker/status

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U.S. bank reserve ratio requirements are still *ZERO* since March 2020. For all we know, stablecoins might be better capitalized than many banks.

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🤡🌎 “we need to print $3T more to stop inflation”

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You don’t have to buy one .
You can buy a fraction of it.
are the standard.

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