For a bit of fun, I'm currently looping through github projects looking over all commits for a mistaken inclusion of a Bitcoin private key.

LocalBitcoins global graph. Clearly showing a growing volume trend continuing. Positive signs!

Currently the block reward is 12BTC, so every day 12*6*24=1700 new bitcoins are created. Got to assume most of these are being sold to cover mining costs. That's 1700*6000=$10 million sells a day. Considering this, The price is holding up remarkably well. As future halvings occur the picture starts to look a lot brighter!!!

If bitmain decide to try and cut their losses, BCH is finished!. I expect some massive ramping soon in a last ditch attempt to offload as much as possible during the ramp. But it's almost impossible now as even sells in low volume are gonna sink the price!

ICE CEO: “Bitcoin can’t survive as a rogue idea. To evolve, the cryptocurrencies need to run on established infrastructure. They need the trust and rules that have been built into our financial system for many years. They need the kind of trust that the Big Board represents.”

I encourage everyone to run their own bitcoin/lightning node. £50 bucks on a Raspberry pi. Then watch the Chinese try to hack into it.

The beauty of the local timeline is that everyone can now share knowledge and others will see it. We didn't have this level of knowledge sharing on twitter.

The good thing about c-lightning is that it integrates with LightningCharge. A great API for creating invoices. PHP wrapper also available. As a test you can create an invoice in 4 lines of code:

$charge = new LightningChargeClient('http://LightningChargeServer:9112', 'SecretPassword');
$invoice = $charge->invoice([ 'currency' => 'GBP', 'amount' => 0.1 ]);
$newURL = 'http://LightningChargeServer:9112/checkout/'.$invoice->id;
header('Location: '.$newURL);

Keen to see this platform become highly educational and not just somewhere to talk nonsense about the current price

Anyone out in London Shoreditch tonight?

It almost feels like we need a dot com style crash to once and for all get rid of the vast majority of shitcoins, after which BTC and a select few others can rise and meet their true potential.

write a bot to invite all your twitter followers/followees over to mastodon!

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@PrivateKey Find a profile of someone on a server. Click on the 3 dots at the right. Then: Hide everything from [server name].

I think it probably does the same as mute. I haven't tried it yet.

PrivateKey @PrivateKey
Hi all,
Introducing myself...
London based, Bitcoin maximalist.
Running my own Bitcoin full node with Lightning network and LightningCharge on Raspberry Pi.

I am a software developer, keen to work on some new ideas for Lightning apps.

Feel free to favourite me, and get in touch

Anyone see this Bitcoin mining farm in Kurdistan?. Cheap electricity out there!

If anyone wants to fund me on my new lightning node. Create a channel with me: 021[email protected]

I created a some small invoice functionality on PHP. Be generous! :)

Just setup my Bitcoin full node and lightning network!

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