Block 700k Incoming...
Accessing Node!
Preparing OPRETURN!
Creating Raw TX!

@jimmysong is tearing it up in regards to the empty block attack/block stuffing attack - Right now on Clubhouse‬

Correct me if I’m wrong... The amount of addresses brings is -


That is a HUGE address pool!

For those who question … It seems as though you could look at as insurance against your own beliefs where if you’re wrong: you’re set for life. If you’re right: you wasted $135. That’s cheap, no?!

≈ $50,000
≈ 135

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‪Bitcoin IPP = Indivitiual Portion Price‬

‪Acronym is what I should have said.

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With Michael Saylor's Bitcoin Summit coming up, I don't think it's going down.


We need a Term/Variable for ((Total Coin Supply (21 Million) / World Population (7.8 Billion) = Individuals Portion of Bitcoin (.00269230)) x Current Price ($33.4k)). Creates a motivational understanding to hurry that ass up n get started.

var value = $90

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Hilarious stock market kills it 2020... 2021 right off the bat rockets through the new year... Then makes some millionaires.. Two days later makes more millionaires. Such a profitable decade already... I can't [email protected]#$ing wait for the next 9 years!

@lizard Gotchya, I'm just hoping the profits from , , n others will just pour in n start a lift of price and FOMO the rest of in.

We all know Bitcoin ultimately wins.... I just wanna start runnin victory laps.

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