It amazes me how folks in the bitcoin world are still actively playing in that sandbox

@Bubba I think it has to do with dopamine. It took a few weeks out of Twitter to get used to only posting here.

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Over a year later, there is still so much to be gained from @breedlove22's letter to Dalio. twitter.com/Breedlove22/status

As morality increases, freedom increases. As morality declines, freedom declines. Always, everytime, without a single fault. Max Hillebrand

If you wanted to kill bitcoin, it had to be done in the first 3-5 years before bitcoin amassed a significant amount of hashpower, decentralization, and network effects.

That train has left the station.

Lightning node up and running. Feel free to open a channel and I'll return the favor

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Imagine being stupid enough to believe this is now the guy going around threatening to sue if you host the whitepaper.

HODLing long term isn't easy.

Earn your stripes.

Great episode. Pumpeeet.
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The latest Bitcoin Standard Podcast is out!

We host @PrestonPysh to discuss whether this bull market is different.

Will we get another 80%+ crash?

Or does institutional money mean no more tears as Number can only Go Up from now on?

Listen & subscribe!

Do you think Trump pardons or commutes ANY of Snowden, Assange or Ulbricht?

Do you think Trump pardons/commutes ALL three: Snowden, Assange AND Ulbricht?

For anyone wanting to get comfortable with #bitcoin wallets and terminology, I've released a video tutorial on the Ministry of Nodes YouTube channel. It may be of assistance in your transition to self custody.


If you are Canadian and doesn't have , you will be SOL
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JUST IN: Reports Joe Biden plans to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit on his first day in office.

@verretor "The Fediverse is Twitter but you're not invited and we can't stop you from showing up."

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