Ice cold... cool ... cucumber... I think we got frozen above 40K

Anyone can throw me a Clubhouse invite? 🤔


a bit faded or dull at 32k? Maybe that's the sign that you need to stack

Thumb was born yesterday. He is the result of a modern day miracle . We will now start his his journey leaning

The perfect duo had a @Opendime
baby... they named him Thumb. Thumb will grow to up to carry
between humans

This is how my friends and family see me when I tell them to "buy the dip!"

Hey Son, is this a good day to get some more of that future proof money?

keeps on trucking... it does not care, it does not know it exists, it is deaf and blind, a protocol that moves value regardless of human views.

was made by cyberpunks and passed along to the rest of the world. Today we watch it trade at 36k USD and it feels normal

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