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US soldiers and law enforcement will demand to be paid in to defend the US dollar's global reserve status

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Very excited about the @COLDCARDwallet firmware update that allows you to confirm that your MK 2 or 3 holds the keys to a multisig address. Now you can confirm your @unchainedcap multisig vault or loan address on a Coldcard and @Trezor. Don't Trust, Verify youtu.be/IZT_LwuPB1k

Mises.org has a ton of some of the best literature ever written, available for free.

working on a book version of Gradually, Then Suddenly, thinking title will be:

Gradually, Then Suddenly
Essays on Bitcoin Monetization

Thoughts? Credit @bitstein with subtitle suggestion but let me know if there are any other brilliant ideas

These MSM journalists and their FUD articles man.... I bet all of them own bitcoin at this point

@AndrewRyan caravanmultisig.com is pretty easy. No need to install anything and works with Trezor, Coldcard, and Ledger. Cobo vault coming soon

What's the vibe here? Do we shitpost? Do we talk about technical bitcoin stuff? I don't see Mastodon as a place to convert noobs, but I like that it's a focused group

You made it all the way to Mastodon and you still haven't tried multisig!?

Who else do we need to peer pressure on twitter to come over here?

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