Are there any cities left on the planet that meet the following criteria?
-A single middle-class income can support a family (housing + health care)
-Young ppl aren't brainwashed by SJWs
-Reasonable expectation of socioeconomic advancement

@sjors Help me out here, I'm a sheltered American. the only examples i can think of are, like, Guadalajara or costa Rica. And i'm not sure they satisfy the 3rd criterion

@eiaine SJW's are generally just found in elite places like universities and fancy employers. Is there even a single woke truck driver? So tell the kids to hang out with normal people. I live in Utrecht and haven't seen any of my neighbors hang out BLM signs.

@sjors omg. SJW is now everywhere in the US. my mother in law lives in a retirement home, and even they had BLM signs

@eiaine woke retirement homes, ouch. To be fair: the BLM protests were massive and I doubt everyone there endorses the woke idiology.

@sjors @eiaine
Perth, Western Australia. Sunny all year, no one really gives a shit about politics because it’s all miles away and had about two weeks of lock down in April everything open and normal since.

@Petewinn @eiaine Western Australia did an excellent job at closing their borders. Tempting, but too far away from the rest of the world.


@sjors @eiaine
Tbf the rest of the world isn’t looking as inviting as it used to be and right now everyone has got used to video calling which is useful!

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