The US dollar was originally a layer 2 scaling solution for gold. Then the Fed broke the peg but the people lacked the technology to UASF. fixed this.

Pointed out, over on Twitter, that we need some new FUD to replace the old, 2017 FUD.
Immediately got a reply with nonsense numbers about energy. These people need new stuff.

Has Peter Schiff tweeted about this little decline yet? Trying to figure out when the next leg up starts.

There it is, folks. Our COVID-19 win.

Well. One of them.

This continues to look like a bear market rally. If I’m right (this has happened a few times. I mean it.), then we should be back near 40k in a day or two. Soon after, new dollar lows v. .
You’ll find out the same time I do.

to dead cat bounce looks like a typical bear market rally - sharp, fast, scary.

Often, these rallies evaporate over 2-3 days, then the trend continues. That would be my guess as to what happens next, but what the hell do I know?

That all being said, who would be surprised to see an ATH in 2-3 days? Not I, certainly.

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Well, I guess the consensus was in that couldn't pull back more than 15% or so, due to corp buying. But algos often have expiration dates or just reach their buying goals.

I expect they'll be back, but beware any news telling you what "can't" happen. I appears at least 22% was still possible.

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