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It was a mixing service (centralized). I don't read Dutch but someone just linked this on IRC:

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Know a student interested in working on projects at the intersection of the #LightningNetwork, #Bitcoin and off-grid communication using the @goTenna Mesh? Check out our new internship opportunities this summer in Brooklyn! 📻⚡️🕸️⛵️

@emzy Alex was on 🔥

He totally gets the why and how of Bitcoin.

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RT @[email protected]
Rewatched @[email protected]'s presentation for #MCC2019 on using Bitcoin as a way of curtailing the manifestation of a surveillance state.

"It's difficult to make Big Brother work without payment surveillance."


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Connect your Blocksat enabled full node to a goTenna Mesh radio! You can now receive blockchain data via satellite AND relay signed bitcoin transactions or Blocksat API data without a direct internet connection! 🛰️📻🕸️ @Blockstream @gotenna

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The ZmnSCPxj hits just keep on coming:

I haven't actually read the detailed proto description, but the outline sounds very smart already.

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" a European trader who wants to buy gas from an Iranian supplier and a European manufacturer who wants to sell aircraft parts to an Iranian company. Instead of the trader paying the Iranians for the gas, they would transfer the money to their fellow European manufacturer (in lieu of payment from its Iranian customer). At the same time, the Iranian aircraft company would pay its compatriot gas supplier for the supplies sent to Europe. Hence no cross-border money flows."

@waxwing I can see similar round-about systems developing in countries that block the the fiat side of fiat-bitcoin transactions.

@bitcoinedu Bad opsec, but I approve of the low time preference choice of a cheap ass car. 😁

When I was a kid, you would often see fathers doing random things with an earbud stuck in one ear listening to their pocket transistor radio.

They were listening to sports. I have now become that guy - but I am listening to Bitcoin podcasts instead. 😆

Excellent discussion about privacy tech for Bitcoin by @waxwing on the Cryptovoices podcast. I always appreciate Adam's ability to communicate clearly about what are technically complicated subjects.

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Afterthought to the afterthought: according to what I see in ZeroLink/Wasabi docs, the original scenario is in fact correct, because the first stage is "input registration phase" in which the "Alices" give their utxos and proofs of ownership (and blinded outputs), so the coerced server could bifurcate its behaviour at this first phase.

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Recent discussion on IRC about Joinmarket and it occurs to me that the issue of Wasabi using a server is both subtle and little understood. Even more confusing when you consider Joinmarket also uses servers, for messaging. I'll try to explain in a bit of detail and point out how this may be a material difference in the privacy model (although it's hard to state clearly): (1/n)

@waxwing Ah ha! thanks. Could the "unnecessary input" also be from some kind theoretical "pay-and-consolidate" tx also?

The example of ins:[10, 0.5], outs[9.5, 1]) could be a payment for 9.5 and the consolidation of a 0.5 UTXO.

I guess it would only make sense fee wise if you were taking advantage of a low-fee period to consolidate small UTXOs.

@waxwing is 'unnecessary input heuristic' similar to "probably a coinjoin" or means something else?

"Coinbase will make EOS, MKR and REP fully available for trading on its professional platform sometime Tuesday. @baidakova writes"

I just have to say, what the fucking fuck. CB has long been an anti-bitcoin bucket shop. But what irks me is that they're getting rich doing it. Is this how the government pays them back for being KYC lackeys? Where are these famed regulations people talk about? This just can not possibly end well for their customers.

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@Sosthene Well lots were good. I think I particularly liked the demonstration of abcore - Udi ( @udiWertheimer , first day) demo-ed installing a full node on an Android TV device!.

Also enjoyed looking at the goTenna operating to broadcast a transaction ( Richard Myers, second day afternoon)

@waxwing There certainly seem to be enough content and interest for tutorial + hands-on focused Bitcoin events. I hope we see more meetings like this in other locations too.

Something more deliberate and comprehensive than a un-conferance like the Lightning Hackdays, but more hands on than a typical lecture only event.

TIL Norwegian Airlines free tier of onboard WiFi blocks "social media" like Twitter. But using Mastodon working fine.

Decentralization FTW.

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