2018-11-05T19:00:14.507099 UTC
Top 20 LocalBitcoins last 24hr
RUB 292.859959
EUR 170.969961
CNY 124.752531
USD 119.258935
VES 98.445894
GBP 81.538217
NGN 65.563051
INR 33.338838
ZAR 29.614941
PHP 28.125057
COP 22.647793
AUD 21.750549
UAH 18.855313
THB 16.150097
PEN 15.682671
SEK 13.149999
AED 13.130704
KES 11.098821
HKD 11.064712
NOK 10.011973


@christinabahk Thank you! this is such interesting data.

I did a quick and dirty analysis of this data looking at ratios against GDP and population.

I would say the GDP ratio identifies countries most economically motivated by BTC and the population ratio is more about overall popularity and interest.

@PaulTroon That's awesome. I'd like to plot this all on a map soon with more data to visualize over time.

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