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The Bitcoin 5th column is real, and growing. Like deep cover Soviet moles but loyal to the ideals of a global individualist movement, not a socialist one.

We collect a regular paycheck, but watch the growing value of Bitcoin with more than idle interest. We might fit in as loyal corporate workers, but are secretly working to overthrow the economic system that allows the bourgeois management class to rule. Our manifestos come from Tim May and Eric Hughes. Builders of the world, unite!

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So who's working on a LN powered Satoshi dice clone?

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"If no one wants a devaluation-proof, censorship-resistant, permissionless, borderless, non-discriminatory, teleporting financial asset, then no one will feed it energy, and it will die." @gladstein for @Quillette

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@PaulTroon @Blockstream Bisq fully supports Liquid Bitcoin and Liquid USDt. Check it out.

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BDK v0.4.0 has been published! 🎉

It comes with a new API to build transactions, upgraded dependencies and more!

See @afilini's blog post for details

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@afilini @rcasatta re-running the full sync test with a `release` build and a different peer node gave much better results! 🚀

Run 1: Time to full sync: 00:07:57
Run 2: Time to full sync: 00:07:21

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Way to go @afilini and @rcasatta ! (experimental) compact block filter testnet full sync in ~31 mins, no electrum or esplora server needed, works with a shiny new core 0.21.0 node

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this is a good detailed write-up about developments in bitcoin-core's build system security which i missed the first time around

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RT @anilsaidso
Offline bitcoin tx options are becoming ever more accessible-

Satellite: by @nwoodfine
Radio: by @nvk
SMS by @SamouraiWallet
Mesh: by @notgrubles
Bearer Instruments: @Opendime

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.@Bisq v1.5.5 shipped with support for charting USD-denominated trade volumes.

Previously volume charts were denominated only in BTC.

Toggling to USD gives a better sense how much more value is being transacted over time.

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If anyone still doubts the home of the free and land of the brave 🇺🇸 is becoming an authoritarian dictatorship....

Classic game theory: cooperate or defect?

The Internet is helping WSB plebes cooperate against the oligarchy, but Bitcoin is the ultimate game changer that will allow the world to get the benefits of cooperation. The oligarchy can not win by defecting if we all can trust the ledger.

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #133 is here:

- announces a meeting to discuss taproot activation mechanisms
- includes a link to a Bitcoin Core usage survey
- lists top questions and answers from the Bitcoin StackExchange

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We are now hosting a signet server (available next release for others)

Signet is a more reliable Testnet supporting taproot.


Other useful tool for signet created by



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@jon @orionwl @max_1337 We really need people to be facing criminal fraud charges for this nonsense. The difference between 99% survival and 99.9% is very significant for society. Lying about things like that to pad your own pockets is evil.

If we don't, it will happen again. And it has happened before: H1N1 turned out to be overhyped.

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