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So who's working on a LN powered Satoshi dice clone?

@sipa's minisketch code looks like a really powerful tool for optimizing tx relay, can anyone add some color to how this will improve the network?

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First article in a series by @[email protected] and I looking at political and humanitarian applications for . What better place to publish them than @[email protected]! Forget those bear market blues and focus on what's important - freedom.

@ManfredKarrer mep gave a great presentation this evening about the Bisq DAO. I hope the testnet testing goes well. I'm looking forward to seeing it go live on mainnet.

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I don't work for the man.

I work for the invisible revolution you won't see until its too late.

.. also interesting what he says about the effect of transacting at scale. The small sums normal people need are easier to exchange for goods/services then the kinds of purchases an oligarch is interested in.

Really good intro to Bitcoin Edward Snowden wrote for his lawyer.

What strikes me is his enthusiasm for the technology.

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"If you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others"

-- Philip K. Dick

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Shower Thought: If we don't see a recovery before Jan 9, then the 10 yr parties will be smaller, but more authentic.

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RT @[email protected]
Announcing the #lightning #UnitySDK which allows developers to connect their @[email protected] running @[email protected] LND to any unity game and accept Lightning payments! tutorial and videos included in the medium article below, tell us what you think!

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This quote applies to so many situations in life, not just programming:

"Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it"

-- Patrick McKenzie

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Realised something today. At least two generations of my ancestors were senior military figures from what is modern-day Turkey.

No wonder I'm drawn to distributed systems. I (sorta) have Byzantine Generals' blood.

Better not expect honest behaviour from me. Blame genetics! ^_^

Shower thought: Only people that receive payments should run full nodes. People who run LN relay nodes receive payments. The best way to run a LN node is on a stand-alone RPi system that also has a fullnode. Ergo more people running LN nodes increases the number of economically interested full nodes.

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I notice Paul Storzc just wrote an article about a deniability approach to bitcoin privacy.

I'm kind of torn about it. On the one hand, this is to me a crucially important thing to understand, and is underappreciated.

On the other, one must pay attention to the weakness: the method's effectiveness requires fragmentation (e.g. by using lots of different wallets). Take the reductio ad absurdum to see the limitations of that.

Overall, great to see people talking about it

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@AnonByNature @bisq_network

oh! Bisq?

I've been using it it weekly for almost a year. It's my source of bitcoin now.

Not a single issue ! Dozens and dozens of trades...

I buy small quantities, so if I ever trade with a scmmer moron, I'm willing to take the headache and the loss for not having to deal with a centralized exchange. That's my calculation.

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Bugfix release for Joinmarket - 0.4.1 - addresses bug in Tor configuration.

Important because in 0.4.0, if you changed the default IRC config you could accidentally end up connecting over clearnet.

Thanks for spreading info if you can.

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@PaulTroon Actually what I mean is this: Colombia and Venezuela share a border. Many of the refugees have been crossing the border to Colombia. If you are a money changer that holds both currencies, you have trianglar arbitrage premium in this market. Do see it now? ?

Bitcoin at $25k USD in VES
Bitcoin at $5.8k USD in COP

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@PaulTroon Whenever you have hyperinflation in one country, the bordering countries with stable economies capture the market. Think global, not local.

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