Think I'm going to custom order all my shirts from now on. Here's the one I just ordered with @bitkoyinowsky 's cool hand-drawn citadel flag design.

Just submitted a PR to add @_einundzwanzig_

Any more good German bitcoin pods out there?

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Scored some Bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup. It's going in a future batch of Mead. πŸ₯‚

Tipped the bartender last night in sats, funding her future luxury vacation.

Come early tonight if you want to hang out and catch 🏈 kickoff at 5:20. 🍻
RT @ocbtcn
Thursdays in September with Orange County Bitcoin Network via @Meetup

Don't buy silverware. Eat with your hands and buy more bitcoin.

I love September. All the breweries are making Festbiers!

My employer is awesome. Damn I've missed poker games!

🎢 I stack some sats in the morning
I stack some sats at night
I stack some sats in the afternoon
It make me feel alright

I stack some sats in times of peace
And stack in times of war

I stack some sats before I stack some sats and then I stack some more

Stack some sats 🎢

The first menu item at The XPUB:
The Dip

You know how to order it.

So Canada is mandating "Eyes Wide Shut" parties now?

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