100% of the times that I've typed "Cyber Hornet Monday", I've mistyped it "Horney" first. Including this time.

Just stacked some Bitcoin with @SwanBitcoin in my IRA.

Diversify your portfolio:
x% in Bitcoin
x% in tax-free Bitcoin
0% everything else
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No need for all this tax nonsense if you use a to buy twitter.com/coindesk/status/13

The neck tattoo cholo guys that live next door blasting Japanese girl metal bands like Babymetal when they lift weights in their backyard, just makes my day. Love LA.

You mean @elonmusk?
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Oh no, those guys whose entire personality is investing in Tesla and Bitcoin are going to be really annoying today

Obviously, @investor_2 is another @coryklippsten account.

🎶Girls just want to have fun🎶

... staying poor.

What do Ethereum and your mom have in common?

Trimmed 22lbs of tri-tip. Saved the fat for my first try at making tallow.

My balance sheet:

(in millions)
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Microsoft has the same problem @MicroStrategy had, this is its balance sheet. @Microsoft holds $123 billion in "short-term investments" (aka credit risk) rather than dollars because the dollar is a melting ice cube; it is taking credit risk when it really just needs bitcoin.

Couldn't decide. Cheers to a $13k day!
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1942 or Clase Azul Reposado for the 13k tequila shot tonight?

1942 or Clase Azul Reposado for the 13k tequila shot tonight?

Any doctors around?

Severe case of -induced priapism here.

Me: Oh I'll move some powder between IRA accounts to stack a whole coin, it will be cool. Just gotta wait for banks to do their thing.

Bitcoin Pump: Sorry bro. Fraction of a coin for you.

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