It's moving to LA? Guess I have no excuse not to go to @TheBitcoinConf now.

Used @ln_strike to buy my ticket of course.

Mead. I made it.

It's dark because I cooked the honey first to caramelize it.

Since everyone is wearing @Opendime now, I've contacted my pin supplier to get some of these pins made without pin backs, so they can be worn on chains.

Follow @BtcPins for updates on when those are available! (2-3 weeks)

h/t @RussellOkung @gmekhail @nvk
RT @BtcPins
So stoked for this @Opendime pin!

Should have it in 2-3 weeks.

Go support @Coinkite! They make the best hardware!

Fathers Day sausage dinner.

Lamb w/ Mediterranean Spices
From @wurstkuche

Bier @EnegrenBrewing / @BierstadtLager

Running your own lightning node? Want a free bitcoin pin? Play with some new tech and get a pin.
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Want a free pin?

Find our lightning node, send a message via Juggernaut.

Limited to 5.

Thanks @JohnCantrell97 for the rad app!

I've used my own cable modem for years. Out of the blue, @GetSpectrum ships me one of theirs, demanding that I use their modem or they will shut-off my internet. WTF

Love a good single-origin coffee for pour-over, but the cheap shit makes great cold brew!

Is @awayslice the bitcoin guy of steak twitter?

Missing monthly poker games. Online poker is shitty.

Actually, the pin mock-up turned out pretty cool. Won't delete it just yet.

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Thought as the old MTV logo would be cool for a pin design. Probably won't make pins of it, but I'm happy with how this came out.

Hiking to the top of Mt. Hollywood today with 21 Lessons on my headphones.
@TheCryptoconomy @dergigi

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