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We will never see Bitcoin below $40k again.
Mastodon exclusive call.

My buddy works for a company that is like AirBnB but for private jets. Trying to get them onboarded to Bitcoin.

Bitcoiners that don't want to deal with commercial airline covid bullshit is going to be a huge market.

Go years never shilling to fam on facebook. See the writing on the wall and go for it. Got all the same excuses we all get. "Should have bought earlier" "It will crash".


RT @hardmoneymag
No matter which party wins control of the Senate, we know where the real power in this country lies: Doge Coin.

Gotta buy a $35k steak now? This is getting fucking ridiculous.

Nailed it.

$25k steak is going to be a bison tri-tip I'm picking up today.

Next week, for $30k steak, feeling another tomahawk.
RT @pardus79

Tomahawk at $15k

Picanha at $20k

What should my $25k steak be? Need to know by next weekend. Thanks.

If your users complain that they've lost everything instead of

"Buy the dip!"
"On sale!"

You might be a shitcoin.

I'd rather do nothing, instead of a distanced, masked or online version of a holiday or birthday celebration.

NEW: Fresh off victory over LA County in court re: outdoor dining ban, @markgeragos & his team w/ @pnjaban have now sued Governor Newsom. LA’s Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill now listed as a plaintiff. Owner posted now viral video showing Hollywood setup across from her biz. @FOXLA


Tomahawk at $15k

Picanha at $20k

What should my $25k steak be? Need to know by next weekend. Thanks.

Getting my 20k week celebration started. Picanha and a bourbon barrel-aged stout with coffee, vanilla and bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. Decadent AF

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