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Just gifted an @Opendime to a friend of mine with a few thousand sats. He refused to accept it. “Gonna lose it anyways” he said.

We are too fucking early!

Stack like there’s no tomorrow

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was created for the remote traveler. @Opendime is my bank. Like a USB, but unknown to the uninformed.

Portable pocket sized shots of cyber hornet 🐝 energy.

@nvk @Coinkite @Jack @lopp $btc @GoingParabolic @APompliano @adam3us @michael_saylor

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Yo @RussellOkung do you still have that @Opendime cuban chain biz going on? I couldn't find a link for it...

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Agora posso comprar minha lamborgini discretamente com meus

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I'd like to be able to scan the QR codes from my @Opendime verifier and have them open directly in a block explorer. Bonus points if I can open it in a block explorer that I'm running locally with my own node. twitter.com/SamSamskies/status

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@WilliamJLuther You say lacks a non-monetary use?

You would look a lot cooler wearing an @Opendime around your kneck than wearing @2chainz made of shiny yellow rock.

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@COLDCARDwallet @usbCOLDPOWER @Opendime @bitcoinbackup

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Organized my notes and wrote up a guide on the @COLDCARDwallet + @ElectrumWallet + @lightning LND cold storage to batch channel process I recently did.

Based on their official guide but with some additional steps for CC+EW. Hope you find it useful!


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If your laptop doesn't look a dive bar bathroom, you're doing it wrong lightning.store

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I love these @Opendime devices. And it's very satifying to "cash them in." ;)

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🚨 Do not use BitcoinPaperWallet.com 🚨

Apparently it has a backdoor that steals your private 🔑

Paper wallets may look nice for cold storage, but safely generating the seed is actually quite difficult 🧐

Alternative? Check out @COLDCARDwallet 👀 coindesk.com/bitcoinpaperwalle

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