Learn the 10 commendments of self custody: bitcointencommandments.com

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Our 24 words plate is made out of quality thick steel and designed small enough to almost fit in a pocket

✍️ center punch sold separately

store.coinkite.com/store/categ from @Coinkite twitter.com/COLDCARDwallet/sta

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Some opendimes came in the mail from @COLDCARDwallet Cant wait to start playing around with them

Get 10% off your by paying in and using promo code 'CKBTB' at checkout: store.Coinkite.com
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@dindi0_0 Especially if it’s a business. I have used to buy packs of @Opendime before

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I withdraw my @fold_app rewards to an @Opendime like a psychopath

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Father’s Day done right.
Happy Father’s Day Satoshi, you fathered the greatest network in the history of humanity!

We’ve double the discount to 10% if paid with

Use CKBTB on store.Coinkite.com

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In times of uncertainty or certainty, self custody your .

See basic steps here BitcoinSecurity.guide

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Excellent Space happening now. @nvk of Coldcard answering questions. And Ledger CTO is speaking now.

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Something good to die for

To make it beautiful to live.

🦡 ₿ ₿ ₿ ✨

long live our agreement

@Opendime @BullBitcoin_

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