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Air-gapped @COLDCARDwallet for cold storage.
Probably the best wallet out there for advanced users.
coldcard.com/ $BTC

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@finKlEiNhoRN22 Well I could send on a little device called an opendime. So you can put it on a necklace and impress all the ladies with your bitcoin bling at the charcuterie partays.

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Just having a bit of fun… 🥊💷♾🥊
‘Pound-For-Pound’ - 🎨🔤
Only the Timechain will tell… 🕰⛓
@scarcedotcity @Opendime

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But wait. There is more.
Another long 🧵

It's a private key on a card! You can sign mobile wallet txn by tapping the phone. Your mobile wallet provides most of the wallet logic and TAPSIGNER holds the secrets.

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@Opendime доехал до Москвы.
Время доставки — 1 месяц.

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Also for anyone looking for a hardware wallet I highly recommend @COLDCARDwallet. By far the best one I’ve tried and a real joy to use

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What is @SATSCARD?

It's an @Opendime in an NFC card form factor with 10 times the reuse capacity.

Gift and trade physically; maximize in person trade while minimizing trust between parties.

[OD will remain for sale, for ever... Just more "optionality" for bitcoiners]

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I know time travel must not be possible because an adversary still hasn’t swept my keys @COLDCARDwallet

Ask your hardware vendor if they delete your personal information after shipped, if they maintain their own secure shopping cart system and use your information on leaky marketing tools.

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@Opendime opendime en español 😉 OPENDIME | Que Es y Como FUNCIONA ? 🤔

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OpenDime sweeping support coming soon to your favorite desktop wallet 👀

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