"Split" your seeds the right way => SeedXOR.com

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You can learn more about them here, opendime.com

They are built by @nvk and @Opendime

Think of them as a "disposable hardware wallet". Used to move a bar of gold around or some physical dollars between people.

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Literally Air @Opendime on Countries just like how they dropped methaqualone & MDMA on South Africa .. if your wondering wtf I’m takin bout Google project coast some crazy shit lol

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Updates from @Bitfarms_io on BitcoinTreasuries.NET

Their new holding is 1,114 BTC

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These look like flash drives, but they're OpenDimes, and store like a bar of gold.

The point? Consider refugees, they're forced to flee with only clothes on their backs. With and tech, they're given hope for their financial freedom, despite of their oppressors.

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@novogratz OPENDIME. About 45k sats each, but can be made infinitely valuable.

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What and brands do you admire?



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@CryptD419 @PATA_logos @Opendime They’ve even got some super low-key ones that look like a regular flash drive

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Check out this dope @sqcrypto branded @Opendime

Thanks @jkczyz! My first one 🙏

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The winners of the @COLDCARDwallet, @Opendime, @theBLOCKCLOCK, and SEEDPLATE giveaway have been DM'ed!

Please check your DM's to see if you've won!

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We have sold the BitcoinTreasuries.org domain.

For now, we moved to BitcoinTreasuries.net, bookmark the .net while a few things are in flux.

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My souvenir from 2021: Square Crypto-branded @Opendime. Thanks @moneyball @jkczyz!

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Current bid is 3 Million sat

Closing at 5pm ET

I am retweeting bids

@Opendime is charged with 360k sats


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We are giving away 6 Opendimes for . Retweet and follow @COLDCARDwallet, @Opendime, and @theBLOCKCLOCK to be entered to win!

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We are giving away 10 Seedplates for . Retweet and follow @COLDCARDwallet, @Opendime, and @theBLOCKCLOCK to be entered to win!

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