And even they already dropped travel restrictions while Justin Trudeau wanna be dictator doubles down.
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Remember when Australian police threatened children with automatic weapons for breathing fresh air on a deserted beach?

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Imagine if becomes the only money worth anything.

fixes everything, including labour shortages!
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@saylor @GoingParabolic @McDonalds Overstaffed. Flourishing. In our lane.

meanwhile in Russia:

rehearsals for tomorrow's parade are ongoing,

it's the most important public holiday in Russia: Victory day, May 9th.


Don't let your enemies set the terms of discussion.

Things weren't shut down for 2 years "because of the pandemic", they were shut down because of the hysteria.

Happy Mother's Day to the Mothers other Factz Family πŸ’πŸ’

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Tor v0.4.7.7: the first stable Tor release with support for congestion control

- eliminates the speed limit of Tor
- reduces latency by minimizing relay queue lengths
- significant performance improvement
- increased utilization of network capacity

When you have unimaginative lizards running the show, you have unimaginative lizards running the show.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, R-W.V., tweeted: "Fauci may want to take a little time and review the Constitution and the case law. The CDC must follow the law just like any other agency or person. We must fight against the woke-left which appears h-ll bent on using Covid to control people as long as possible. #NoToFauci”

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Did @Johncdvorak ever mention the names of the cast iron skillet makers?

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