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Recommended Bitcoin Art and Literature that doesn't mention Bitcoin "RBALDMB"
Here we discuss movies, books, plays, music, poetry, comics, I.e. literature and art that is Bitcoin but doesn't mention Bitcoin directly.

Libertarians need to stop LARPing and just buy
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I'm a fan of anyone promoting liberty. With that being said, Bitcoin is the evolution of libertarian principles in the digital age.

All love and jokes on this meme, it was inspired by many.

Bitcoin subsidizes energy production. Multisig BIP, Coldcard vulnerability, full node w/o internet, key exfiltration, safegcd, Taproot documentation, inbound liquidity economics, alts and trust, energy takes and Tesla!

Tech Talk issue #227

I bet if Satoshi called his creation ‘Energy Money’ instead of it would be worth over $10T today.

Why US Mining


If the government mined instead of taxing each transaction the government would have more money in the future because the government would get a piece of every transaction that the government miners secured and validated.

You might not agree with Dr Ron Paul but it's worth at least thinking about because this is NOT a perspective you will get from the mainstream media!

#TheFreeThoughtProject #RonPaul

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I'm getting texts from friends wanting to learn about almost on a daily basis and so I always send them Preston's podcast.

I send them 3 episodes specifically. Start with the one with @breedlove22, then the episode with @michael_saylor, and then with @JackMallers

“Masters and Slaves of Money” now available in Arabic!
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I am more than happy to announce the Arabic version translated by @3_SB_3 of "Masters and Slaves of Money" by @breedlove22 . It is hosted on our Lebanese community @BitcoinduLiban
Please share with your friends!

A 'Severe' Bug Was Found In Libgcrypt, GnuPG's Cryptographic Library - Slashdot

Early Friday the principal author of GNU Privacy Guard (the free encryption software) warned that version 1.9.0 of its cryptographic library Libgcrypt, released January 19, had a "severe" security vulnerability and should not be used. A new version 1.9.1, which fixes the flaw, is available for dow...

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We’ve seen it before.
Nobody went to jail.
There was no justice.
Big guys got help from the fed so they could keep fucking you over.

If you expect this time to be different - you are a fool.

Looking for a tool to actually make a change?


Dear new Bitcoiners,

Things like $GBTC, just like $GME could be halted too!

Buy real , then follow this guide to store it

1st they came for @Hodlonaut & I did’nt speak out cause I was no space cat

Then they came for @PeterMcCormack I did’nt speak out cause I’m no Podcaster

Then they came for core devs.I did’nt speak out cause I am no dev.

Then they came for me & no one was left to speak.

A large portion of proponents spend time documenting the heroic gestures, accomplishments, exploits and achievements of Bitcoin persons.

Therein is the strength that those who touch it find it rewards them with time to embrace more!

Other subjects are noise.

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