@NunyaBidness I hope this sticks. I have a nice little pot of Nokia stock.


It started pumping. Looks like there were some shorts on it. WSB were talking about it and AMC, EXPRESS and Blackberry. All of them pumped today.

@NunyaBidness Thanks. That was a very good read. I also think there's something going on with futures. You can literally profit from destruction.

@verretor That's why WSB is pissed off and since yesterday they added another 700,000 people to the subreddit.

Most countries don't have a coordinated army this large.

@NunyaBidness HOORAY FOR CHARLES PAYNE! “The shorts have had their way with the market for decades, and no one has ever complained about it, so i am thrilled, that individual investors are playing the same game, and now you (big hedge funds) are losing” - Charles Payne.

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