🚨 🚨 Mastodon instructional video thread!🚨 🚨

This is a short series of videos for those who need help getting Mastodon to be more functional.

Let's begin!

Lists and Hashtags part deux.

This tutorial series shall be updated as I learn new stuff! Also, hit me up with ideas or tricks you would like others to know and I'll see about recording those in the future.

I hope these helped you get started with Mastodon and if I got something wrong then please tell me.

Can I follow your Mastodon Bitcoin List?

NO! You can't!

But there is a work around . . .

Need to crosspost so your voice is heard in two different worlds? is your answer.

Few things I found ... not sure if it's what you are looking for.

Getting Started:…

How it works:…

Elevator Pitch Mastodon v Twitter:…

How to choose a Mastodon Instance:

Make sure to understand this came from @CryptoTh0r on Twitter

@NunyaBidness I think it's a timeline with all accounts from other instances that are being followed by accounts from *this* instance.

@NunyaBidness are you setting up for more bitcoin instances. One for LN, RSK, Liquid. That be cool

@NunyaBidness Don't use Duck Duck Go. It would be even better to use a Searx instance like

@NunyaBidness You can also follow people from other instances by using their Tag e.g. @admin

@NunyaBidness You can also pin a hashtag. For example, click on and then pin the list.

While I appreciate the tip, I feel it's important to comment that browser extensions like this that require access to all your data on every website are a huge security risk. Even if you do audit their code, there's no telling what can happen to you if they get compromised, or even bought out (this has happened in the past). One solution could be to use one browser for non-critical stuff, like social networks, and another that's hardened, without any extensions.


@pox You are absolutely correct and I meant to caveat that in the video but it escaped me.

@NunyaBidness Thanks! I checked out your Keybase proofs. I'm officially stalking you online now.

@NunyaBidness #feditips

Read the above thread, it's chock-full of helpful information about how to use #Mastodon.

@NunyaBidness You kinda can though - you can browse someone else's profile even without an account on their instance.

@NunyaBidness And interact with it too - when you click follow/reply/favourite you get a little popup asking which identity on which server you want to do that with, then you are redirected to your own instance to confirm that you want to take that action.

@NunyaBidness oh God... lists on mastodon are terrible! you have to add people one by one?

@NunyaBidness is the bitcoinhackers mastodon instance hosting these videos?

@NunyaBidness I thought the default for new users and instances was the unified view (which is pretty similar to SoapBox and Pleroma-FE). Does the instance your on default to the advanced view?

@NunyaBidness @djsumdog How do you order your columns or add column views you want to see. I have advanced turned on but can’t seem to understand how to add more columns.

@NunyaBidness @djsumdog I did find it. Thank you! That was driving me nuts! Pin it!!

@NunyaBidness ignore my reply to one of your other videos. You have no answered my questions. Thanks!!

@NunyaBidness just great that all Bitcoiners joined single server 🤔

@NunyaBidness Thanks for the Videos! watched them all learned some stuff. trying to figure out where/how to put the link in twitter to verify myself.

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