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🚨 🚨 Mastodon instructional video thread!🚨 🚨

This is a short series of videos for those who need help getting Mastodon to be more functional.

Let's begin!

Shit just gets more stupid every day.

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The New York Times just introduced the word "menstruator" into its copy.

LFG! 🚀

"If Wall Street turns their back on Texas and our thriving oil and gas industry, then Texas will not do business with Wall Street."

Friday January 21st, 2022. Episode 520 of Bitcoin And . . .

In case you were wondering about the pics of creepy-ass Klaus Scwabo in the "space robes": The robes are the regalia of Kaunas University of Technology.

Not that it matters . . . still creepy AF.

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1⃣2⃣ @BTCvsFED mini billboards SOLDDD for 🤯 bids

Congrats to the winners 🏆

Thank you to @cryptograffiti for creating art that matters 🙏


This is the bullshit I did not miss during my absence.
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Ethereum has entered the hard money game.

For the past 3 months, Ethereum's inflation rate has been lower than Bitcoin.

What a chart. Never thought I would see it.

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As many of my friends here on Bitcoin Twitter have helped me come back from the dead I ask that you please do the same for

👉 @cloudatio 👈

Retweet this tweet and make your own to get the word out. We have to support our networks by supporting each other's networks.

Every platform in the world is committing seppuku.
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Hey @TeamYouTube you closed this account, but @labitconf is an important educational resource and the first cryptocurrency conference in Latin America. Give them their channel back!

People get mad at us when we call out NFTs for the pile of shit they really are.
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OpenSea is down

Twitter uses OpenSea’s API for loading NFTs

Therefore, Twitter’s NFT feature is down

After today’s cluster fuck of a hearing, it’s time to set the record straight on common Bitcoin misinformation.

Join @level39, @LudiMagistR, @AsILayHodling, @DavidZell_ and I as we tackle the Bitcoin FUD.

doesn't have inflation, it has predictable distribution of a fixed cap supply.

Calling it inflation confuses people.

“The only thing that’s not illegitimate about this administration is my ability to trade stocks at the exact tops and bottoms given absolutely no insider information.” - Nancy Pelosi

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