Why I miss Eddie Van Halen:

1.) One of the best guitar players in rock
2.) One of the best song writers ever
3.) Goofy, stupid happy all the time

#3 is the most important.

Narrator: Only an idiot thinks the Europeans actually thought the Earth was flat.

Me: But, yeah, Humans developed in the exact same format twice . . . halfway around the Earth, within the exact same time-frame.
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@bennd77 This is not about flat earth theory. Quit being condescending.
If you know anything of native culture we knew the earth was round / unlike many Europeans whom thought the earth was flat

Flat Earth infects everything.
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@captmotorcycle @YouTube Actually there is proof we mostly originated from this continent. Some did travel between the strait - while most originated solely from this continent

Waiting on @Frances_Coppola and @CNBCFastMoney before my prediction pans out fully.
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@denverbitcoin @btcbraj Agreed. It’ll bounce hard off of 20 and will print a daily 2K red dildo.

Then @PeterSchiff will start tweeting and have a love fest with . Then @Frances_Coppola will come in. Then @CNBCFastMoney will pile on and that’ll be your buy in price.

Like f’ing clockwork.

My man!
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To @bennd77, who has given countless reviews on his podcast and awesome feedback from his kids playing. Hearing first hand the life lessons @PlaySHAmory has helped teach your kids is everything I could have dreamed of 🔥

I am not a @Coinbase fan but watching the media collapse and fill their diapers is pretty entertaining.
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well, any reporter writing about Coinbase now has the incentive to give the company ~zero time to comment on their reporting.

good job, Coinbase!


Thank God they don’t.
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@Refuse_Synthex I thought about it. To me that sudden 7% drop looked like a potential problem for . But I decided to wait for confirmation in the market to tweet about it. It's not like anyone who owns Bitcoin follows my trading advice anyway, except maybe as a contrarian indicator.

Anyone know what happened to Phoenix? This was his last tweet.

I miss that guy.
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@vinswaalla @walerikus @BSVRainmaker @Crypto_Blurbs @BitcoinPlatypus I have little patience after all this time

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I appreciate you all and want to make some peoples’ day this Thanksgiving!

Who wants some free bitcoin?

I’m doing my part! Can’t wait for family to come in so we can all be together on this day. No one is going to die or go to the hospital. We’re just going to have a lovely time today.

One of the enemy has arrived. Immediately figured out how to lock down replies.

Should be easy to take out.
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Delighted to have joined Twitter. I look forward to hearing from you here, as we prepare for @wef's week, taking place virtually in January 2021.

For more info, have a look at its site: weforum.org/events/the-davos-a

FFS @Coinbase!
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also its normal practice to down your api if you're having trading and tally issues where the UI is impacted.

i shouldn't be seeing trades in the API if you're posting messages like this in your trade panels ?

This meme is pure gold.
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All my best investments were in networks that everyone needed, no one could stop, and few understood. is the monetary network.

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