I'm an orphan and I'm really bothered by the terminology "kill" and "orphan" in the context of unix process management, eg init process kills orphans. please change. 

Also, I'm an orphan because a giant snake ate my parents and I get PTSD if I hear the word python

@NunyaBidness Welcome back my friend, to the show that never ends.

Today on Bitcoin and . . . I talk about mycorrhiza and the role it plays as a nutrient and informational network in the soil and how that is analogous to the Bitcoin network and the peripheral analog networks arising alongside it as we go forward.


Today on Bitcoin and . . . I talk about a 2012 project I did that translated a white paper by J. J. Thomson about the discovery of the electron into a 3D animated "demonstration" of the experiment and the apparatus.


I wanted to say thank you to the people who have boosted or favourited my toots. You guys are great.

Today on Bitcoin and . . . I talk about bitcoin price, what killed Ultima Online's in-game economy and why game developers don't seem to be talking much about using bitcoin and Lightning Network as a stable economic platform.


On today's podcast I talk about how I am using bamboo to screen out the oppressive heat that collects on my backyard patio. steemit.com/permaculture/@davi

This is part 1 of my of the first installation of my podcast (or what will become that). I talk about pioneer weeds and what they can do for your land


Finally found a way to search all Mastodon instances at once. Normally the search bar only retrieves results from the instance you're in, so there's no way to branch out.

Visit mastodonsearch.jp/

I'm a freaking n00b again. Great. Just great.

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