Bitcoin is personal freedom
Bitcoin is private property
Bitcoin is sovereignty
Bitcoin is neutral
Bitcoin is fair

Men desire polygamy and women monogamy.

Men want to spread their seed to as many good female mates as capable but woman has to choose who she accepts to plant the seed in her.

@timp Sounds like an awesome adventure.

Redundancy of effort is peddling the bike but the visual experiences changing with every second must have been magnificent.

I assume bike trails all the way?

People watch too many movies expecting life to be the same way.

In actuality 95% of life is not glamorous and is simply redundant effort to achieve ones mission, which is why everybody gives up.

"Uhh it's boring."

Motivation gets you started discipline keeps you going.

@captainmorgan Craig is a nutcase and no one is buying his bullshit.

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If you're crying tears of joy now that Biden is president shouting "We're finally free!" while 50,000 troops occupy DC, with military checkpoints every 100 yards or so you might just be a bloody idiot.

Historically speaking, under Democratic presidents, the deficit always decreased.

Under Republicans, it always increased.

You'd think it's the opposite.

@sov possible to borrow 4.5% with Blockfi.

It's getting there!

No, institutions are not going to invest in your $1B shitlosercoin



And if you mis-pronoun me I'm beating the fuck out of you.

Equal treatment for men and women.

@nvk @johnkvallis did he just compare the most useless subsidized commodity corn to the most scarce monetary network corn?

The more women an alpha sleeps with more desired he becomes.

The more men a woman sleeps with less desirable she becomes.

If you don't understand let me quickly explain.

Men fuck women
Women get fucked by men

A man who fucks - experience

A woman who fucks - used

Nature bitch

Jan 2021
1 bitcoin = 1 girlfriends

Dec 2021
1 bitcoin = 10 girlfriends

Dec 2025
1 bitcoin = 72 virgins

HODLing makes you rich

Trading makes you a living

Millions of people with no symptoms: oh you're just lucky

One person sick: see the dangers yet??????

Selective outrage. You can go fuck yourselves cause I'm always outraged.

@[email protected]
6oz of quality steak is more than enough for average person.

@fortculture yeah bro important pipelines in that bitch. Petro dollar must be protected.

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