Purchased one way plane ticket to Costa Rica and rented AirBnB house in the jungle for a month.

No plan after that.
Real nomad shit.

Giving all possessions away and owning only what fits in my backpack.

No plan to fall back on.

Just march on in search for meaningful friendships and experiences. That's all.

We'll see where the road takes.

Living dream :bitcoin:

Plane ticket from LA: $100
AirnBnb/mo: $400

Mindset is stoic.
Pleasures are unnecessary. Content in any situation.
Fast. Think. Accept.

@NuGoUp Dude you're killing me! lol Send updates because I'll be living vicariously through you!
Can I ask? How much did the house cost?

@trigger_escape I will document it here 👍.

Rent is only $400 for the house.

@NuGoUp @trigger_escape $400 for a month in this paradise? Maybe I should consider moving to Costa Rica

@NuGoUp You'll have the adventure of a lifetime. Keep us posted!

@NuGoUp life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!

@NuGoUp seems like a dream lifestyle. Will you still have internet and online presence?

@Hondolor Yes, airbnb house has high speed internet. I'm assuming outside of that will be poor service?

@NuGoUp hey if you got it you got it :) best of luck on your journey to costa rica

@Hondolor Prepare for the worst, expect for the best, figure things out on the way. 👍

@NuGoUp enjoy Central America. I’ve spent a lot of time down there and have come to appreciate it a great deal. Fair winds and following seas!

@NuGoUp would you please journal and share some of your discoveries, particularly where in the world it is relatively easy to live off of bitcoin? The Rick Steves of bitcoin tourism.

@NuGoUp Awesome idea! I went to Tamarindo on vacation in March 2006. Loved it! Pura Vida! If you're feeling adventurous, try the ziplines; mad fun. Arenal volcano is cool too, plus the hot springs is the place to go on a date (or if you have a partner already).

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