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Purchased one way plane ticket to Costa Rica and rented AirBnB house in the jungle for a month.

No plan after that.
Real nomad shit.

Giving all possessions away and owning only what fits in my backpack.

No plan to fall back on.

Just march on in search for meaningful friendships and experiences. That's all.

We'll see where the road takes.

Living dream :bitcoin:

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When you read in their bio but their content is all shitcoins

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Bitcoin turned politics in to an episode of Jersey Shore.

9/10 heavy weed smokers are lazy sacks of meat.

They do nothing else but smoke.

But that 1/10... They savages...

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If you couldn't exchange one for the other would you rather have a billion

This is me in 2021 if Satoshi never invented Bitcoin

Deflation is coming.

You own usd denominated debts?

Pay minimums and buy as much Bitcoin as you can.

That will be the only thing that will save your purchasing power.

The harder you push your body the more energy you'll have at your disposal.

Nocoiners mad bitcoin is not a good store of value because it's constantly increasing in value.

High GDP... Gooood
Low GDP... Baaaaad

The only thing about finance and economics I was taught in highschool

If you couldn't exchange one for the other would you rather have a billion

Bitcoin cannot sue anybody. That's why it's a beautiful thing that Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision can and will always exist.

It's a reminder that Bitcoin is benign and neutral.

Its water.

Please save as much Bitcoin as you can. Your worth and access in the future will be measured in how much Bitcoin you possess.

Governments can't solve money problems when they created all the money problems.

to the rescue!

So if MAGA is a terrorist organization then so is BLM, right?

Wait, no.. why not?

Because B stands for black and people are afraid of scaremongering from commies.

There will be so much geographical arbitrage possible for Bitcoiners in this decade that it really makes no sense to own real estate.

Neither democrats or Republicans will save you from the collapse of usd.

Only Bitcoin will

Sorry to break it to you but whatever happens to Trump after he leaves office he will have brought it upon himself.

To be honest I hope price doesn't shoot up too fast because I want people to have as much time as they can to jump on the life boat.

Altcoins are false prophets. There is only one true savior, :bitcoin: .

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Thinking about a small mining setup for no KYC bitcoin. Want to understand the economics.

Willing to loose ~15% as I currently pay a premium for no kyc bitcoin.

Who should I talk to for advice?

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