I got my amateur radio license a couple of years ago. It was mainly for my drone racing addiction. Now I've finally ordered my first radio setup... and I'm pretty pumped. Now everything can go down and I can still communicate with the world. ;)

Noooo dear god! Excuse me while I go gouge out my eyes!

gets me pumped as fuck! PUMPED. AS. FUCK.

We need all on the front lines! No slacking. No sleep. Constant vigilance is the price we pay!

Me when someone mentions how their is the next . I WILL EAT YOUR FACE!

~I live for anger and frustration! Combat is where I'll be!~

Does anyone else dry-heave looking at this pic? I hope the guy that's not gets checked for STD's after that shit. FML

Nothing better than a couple of Trezors wrapped in leather. Mmmm that smell...

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