Croatian 🇭🇷 MEP Mislav Kolakušić addressing the French 🇫🇷 president Emmanuel Macron in the European Parliament.

There is a Anti-Mandate Freedom Rally today in San Jose at corner of Stevens Creek and Winchester Blvd from 4 to 6PM and tomorrow from 1 to 4 PM. Please boost to boost attendance. Thanks

Closed half the offline channels. Will look to open channels to active plebs over the next week or so.

Voltaire's laughter pierced more hearts than Rousseau's tears.

Humor, satire, and comedy are the best way to reach others.

If after 12 months it’s not enough then I’ll just keep making monthly payments. Based on where I think price is going and the rampant inflation I’m confident I’ll be ahead. Can’t wait to see how all this works out and enjoy a nice glass of lemonade.

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I’m going to take the $2k from the reimbursement to buy bitcoin. Then I’m going to finance the new fridge (~$3.4k after taxes). Lowe’s is offering 24 month financing at 0% (as long as you qualify). I’ll make monthly payments and revisit the bitcoin price about 12 months in. If the value of bitcoin I purchased is enough to cover the payments I’ve made to date as well as the balance on my fridge then I’ll sell to cover my costs and hopefully have some leftover sats.


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Shopping for the fridge online and saw that lots of places offer cheap financing. Normally I loathe financing but as I come to understand the current financial environment more I’ve decided to take advantage of cheap credit and participate in the speculative attack on the USD (ala Microstrategy at personal level).


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Quick story about life, lemons & lemonade.

Been dealing with fridge issues for almost a year. Fridge keeps breaking so I call our home warranty service to get it fixed. Long story short after 9 months of issues, several service calls, parts delayed, I finally got approved for a replacement because they couldn’t fix mine. Unfortunately they did not offer the right size so I had to accept the reimbursement (~$2k) to purchase a replacement fridge. However a comparable fridge is $3k+.


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Hard to stay abreast of everything that’s going on. 🤣

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My wife recently confirmed she had Covid, lost her sense of smell and taste but recovered. I likely got it as well but I never got tested, my symptoms were mild and I recovered quickly. I work from home and likely have natural immunity but I’m still required to be jabbed. Follow the science they say. I’ll be brushing up my resume. My wife’s company gave her the same ultimatum on the same day. Coincidence I’m sure. What a clown world.

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My company is requiring all US employees to be vaccinated because of Biden’s federal mandate. We sell to the government so we’re considered a contractor, which requires all employees of federal contractors be vaccinated. I’ve been working from home since last March and never go into the office but I’m still required to get the jab.

Did a little mental math that blew my mind just as much as those I was trying to make a point to.

2017 a house costing $300,000 would have set you back 75 Bitcoin.

That same make believe house in 2021 costs $345,000 and would set you back 6.77 Bitcoin.

Moral of the story, start pricing things in Bitcoin and all your inflation woes disappear.

Just used a pre-paid movie pass I bought years ago. The movie today cost $16.50. I bought the pass for $7 back in the day. Pretty sure my salary has not double since I bought the movie pass. But inflation is good for the economy and nothing for us to worry about…

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