While putting in some treadmill time after lunch, I took in a great video on how this whole thing started. Bonus: it includes an analysis of the war with , which some have suggested may be the model that is using in this conflict. If so, the shooting part of this thing may be about to end (or at least Russia may try to end it, but powers will probably try to keep stoking it).



I have acquired the habit of looking at news from Saudi Arabia as a means for judging how things are going and are likely to go elsewhere in the world.

My primary news source is the mainstream Arab News website.

Today it featured this story:


The police have sealed off Parliament Grounds in Wellington, NZ. IT appears they are commencing their offensive. Announcements can be heard declaring that Parliament Grounds are closed.

Jacinda Ardern is making her move, it appears.

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Read all 4 if want some guidance for navigating the next 1-3 decades.

For those that do, good on you.

For the rest, God bless you and your loved ones.

hey, i came across an outstanding content creator on instagram, his video was embedded in a bitchute podcast, and i managed to track it down. the handle is @wearecanadaproud, and he's exceedingly satirical and is running over trudeau's political corpse on daily basis (thats imagery, my own, merci beaucoup.) anyway, he's got "SHARE THIS" plastered everywhere, so here you go...

More Bullshit the protesters have to put up with. Police are not your friends, at least the ones 'Just Doing Their Job'.

Did you donate fiat to ?

Want to try again after you get your refund?

This time use something like @CashApp to buy and then donate the censorship resistant money here 👇


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The world is watching Canada.



Croatian 🇭🇷 MEP Mislav Kolakušić addressing the French 🇫🇷 president Emmanuel Macron in the European Parliament.

There is a Anti-Mandate Freedom Rally today in San Jose at corner of Stevens Creek and Winchester Blvd from 4 to 6PM and tomorrow from 1 to 4 PM. Please boost to boost attendance. Thanks

Closed half the offline channels. Will look to open channels to active plebs over the next week or so.

Voltaire's laughter pierced more hearts than Rousseau's tears.

Humor, satire, and comedy are the best way to reach others.

If after 12 months it’s not enough then I’ll just keep making monthly payments. Based on where I think price is going and the rampant inflation I’m confident I’ll be ahead. Can’t wait to see how all this works out and enjoy a nice glass of lemonade.

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I’m going to take the $2k from the reimbursement to buy bitcoin. Then I’m going to finance the new fridge (~$3.4k after taxes). Lowe’s is offering 24 month financing at 0% (as long as you qualify). I’ll make monthly payments and revisit the bitcoin price about 12 months in. If the value of bitcoin I purchased is enough to cover the payments I’ve made to date as well as the balance on my fridge then I’ll sell to cover my costs and hopefully have some leftover sats.


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Shopping for the fridge online and saw that lots of places offer cheap financing. Normally I loathe financing but as I come to understand the current financial environment more I’ve decided to take advantage of cheap credit and participate in the speculative attack on the USD (ala Microstrategy at personal level).


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