Getting the first few words down for the @bunniestudios transcript with a special co-host team of @stephanlivera and @NicolasDorier

This will be all about open source hardware for self-sovereign security

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Our CODE Feature this block is @NicolasDorier

His legendary tweet @ BitPay: "This is lies, my trust in you is broken, I will make you obsolete" birthed the brilliant @BTCPayServer

Read his story & check out his interview with @MaxBitBuyBit &@BitcoinQ_A

Giving another try to @brave
, got enough with @firefox
and @googlechrome
Google Safe Browsing shit. Hopefully, Brave does not put shitcoins in my face.

I think one of the best way to learn something is to try to write the doc.

Reading a doc somehow does not print that much long term in memory.

Started working on a video presenting Taproot.... thought it would be simple to explain but it has been challenging. Will probably need to split in two videos.

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