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is an open, global, instant, cheap, inclusive, and innovative payment standard that allows cash final value transfer digitally.

The instrument is digital and bearer.

The messaging layer is the settlement layer.

A free market, at last.

May the best experiences win.

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wasn't designed to be slow, expensive, this, or that.

was designed to allow a digital instrument to travel across space and time, forever.

Lightning is a payment standard that uses this digital instrument to enable value to travel at the speed of light.

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...I mean, not just "a shitcoin", it's The King of Shit Throne, 1st of His Name.

It is The Very Genesis of Shitcoinery, The Mothership of Shitcoinity, the world's 1st SaaS (scam-as-a-service) platform, the shining example of Snake Oil Salesmanship for generations of scammers.

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NEW: Bank of England warns that inflation could hit 10% resulting in β€œapocalyptic” consequences this year.


Astrology boiz strike again.
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If 2022 were a replay of 2018 and 30k were the new 6k $BTC would now go to 42.5k (conveniently strong resistance level) then dump to 16k by year end.

βš‘οΈπŸ’³ πŸ‘€
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Announcing β€œThe Bolt Card” 🧡

Visa? No
Mastercard? No
Lightning? Yes

The Bolt Card is an offline Lightning contactless card, powered by NFC, Lightning and LNURL.

A global, open, permissionless, decentralised monetary network.

Sounds similar to Cyber pandemic. Everything is a pandemic suddenly. Because that gives these evil actors power over gullible citizens.

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Ze future, is already here. Ze future is now. It's a future.
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All students enrolled in @MyfirstBitcoin_ had their Pupusas paid via LN ⚑

Students and visitors to can now buy snacks with via @IBEXpay. Who wants to get next week's class?

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Do one thing for me:

Consider the loss of civil liberties around the globe in the last couple of years.

If you don't like the way that went, you really won't like where this is heading now.

Time to speak up.

Spread the word.

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WHO Pandemic Treaty / Zero Draft Highlights / TL:DR review

β€’ More surveillance
β€’ More power to WHO
β€’ More funding to WHO
β€’ More restrictions on information

β€’ Less privacy
β€’ Less free speech
β€’ Less personal freedom
β€’ Less national sovereignty

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β€’ Development of a digital certificate of vaccination

β€’ Development of digital contact tracing in the international context

The Clowns at the @WHO are expanding their business. Now also covering "infodemics". For your safety, of course.
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β€’ Increased capacity for proactive countermeasures against misinformation & social media attacks

β€’ Stronger approaches to information and "infodemic" management.

β†’ If you have never heard of an "infodemic" before, that's because it is a ridiculous term made up by the WHO.

This is ugly.

"Development of National Focal Points (NFP's) with sufficient authority in each country"
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β€’ More capacity for genomic testing

β€’ Development of plans for emergency preparedness, surveillance & response

β€’ Development of National Focal Points (NFP's) with sufficient authority in each country

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