@[email protected] just rolling my eyes at the ethers pretending their bs is secure in response the hack :)

Miss you too!!!

@parkeralewis @udiWertheimer @martybent @mattodell @nikcantmine @TheCryptoconomy @Brittkelly @sthenc @breedlove22 I’m booked and will be there for sure :)

Also halfway convinced @Katie and @HeatherEverdeen to come already.

Let’s see who else we can fomo into it...

@drbitcoinmd maybe the Austin bit devs meeting next month? :D

Bitcoin can’t be fuck you money if you have to ask someone else to use it.

- Hold your keys
- Run your node
- Protect your future

The journey is worth it.

I’m been barred from joining clubhouse because someone is concerned I will lose my shit on the insufferable woke crowd and be put on some sort of list... it’s actually a pretty fair concern 😂

@drbitcoinmd yes. I just described this as being able to interact with all those I want to, like a community bbq, without some douche randomly walking up to scream about how bad his life sucks or how horrible we all are. It’s refreshing.

The dip you’ve been waiting for is finally upon us

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