At the last line of support. Not sure how this plays out short term. Markets are spooked, and maybe rightfully so. Not just digital assets either. Curious how equities play out tomorrow. Could be some short term bounce but idk.

Well shit. Not gonna lie, didn't expect to wake up to that 🤣 But we're still good(ish).

Haven't checked on Peter Schiff yet. Is he puffing his chest out and barking real loud over his yellow rocks breaking out? He always gets excited about 1-2% percent moves.

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Peter Schiff's yellow rocks are at resistance. Break out or fake out incoming?

Even at a $1T market cap and BTC trading at $60k+, we're still early.

Elon Musk is still on my shit list but I admire him for attacking this head on like a MF boss.

JFC this is absurd. You KNOW, you just KNOW, this is about coming after BTC and other digital assets.

I know this goes without saying but, Chris Hayes is a fucking moron.

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