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We absolutely 💯 percent will bounce back from this dip and continue upwards.

- Mr Skweeze
May 18th 2021

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@MrSkweeze Transaction complete.

It took a little over two hours this time, but I answered another question I had about these fiat-to-Bitcoin payments to BTC wallets via Strike: do you receive Bitcoin equivalent to the fiat value at the moment you send the payment, or when it settles on the other end?

It's the former. Not only did I pay next to nothing in fees, I got in near the low this morning at 41459.84 and am now riding the subsequent rise.

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I received dividends from a couple closed end funds this morning. I sent as much as I could of it over to (I've hit my weekly deposit limit) and then on to one of my wallets.

$132.30 USD sent to the wallet.

.07 cents transfer fee (mining fee).

Fractions of a fraction of a fraction. Incredible!

Trade idea: buy long term, in-the-money put options on , because they are going down.

I've been around Bitcoin since 2019. I can't count how many times China has banned Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. For you veterans out there, I bet you've seen this play out at least a hundred times.

Veteran BTCers are so used to China banning Bitcoin FUD that normies can't grasp it. All it ever does is shut up the PA for a day, maybe two, then back to normal PA.

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If any business delivered services as poor as government does, no one would do business with them.

Source deduction is how they make you think things are free.

Everything is green today except gold and Chinese land developer stocks 😂

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Good morning Toxic Bitcoiners who helped save Bitcoin from Big Blockers

wassies are the furrys of cryptocurrency. 🤮

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@MrSkweeze the whole global market is a bit fat lie. I suspect Bitcoin will get pulled down with the whole system and just maybe some more 'crypto' shit will go the way of

What matters is what comes next. I've staked my claim on the future. I'm fully expecting pain. I hope I can keep earning and stacking through that time...

Maybe the whole UBI and MMT theses will tested in full? Either way, we will live/die in during a significant time in history.

CCP was ahead of the curve in that shit by banning mining.

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They need to FUD, discredit, and make number go down to discourage people from thinking they have a way to opt out of the system they're about to crash. Look at PA since El Salvador has been purchasing and all of the FUD.

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Here's my not so tin foil hat theory: TPTB know that the equity market and economy in general isn't too far from taking a fat shit. If you're a Bitcoiner, you know this. This is why government is going after and FUD-ding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It never takes much flexing from government to make the crypto markets go down. 1/

I know it's all about the long game with BTC, but so far El Salvador has been hammered with its buys.

Don't forget R&F Properties. Another Chinese based land developer.

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Man you would have to stupid AF to bail on BTC mining in favor of BSV.

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