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If tesla is gonna keep going down and Bitcoin keeps pumping Elon should just by more Bitcoin

No one ever made me a good case as to why I should consider Bitcoin to be "risky".

They can’t hold down GameStop only a matter of time until the AMC and the rest climb back up. Wall Street will not win. Glory awaits us

@MrMojoRising heard good things about swanbitcoin but never used myself

Moving in from cash app for DCA purchases any recommendations on what to use instead?

Freedom is the most valuable asset! See you, Twitter

All these dumb people talking about the lambos they're gonna buy. Guess what, I'm buying a tank

If the Libertarian Party wants to be taken seriously they should loudly embrace Bitcoin.

Looking to follow all bitcoiners and anybody interested in the future and freedom.

Banks are the bloodsuckers of the economy!

Welcome aboard Satoshi cowboys! we're headed to the moon

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