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I'm a very marginal bitcoiner, but I'm subject to a ridiculous barrage of (thankfully only virtual so far) attacks. I can't imagine what it's like for high profile bitcoiners.

More motivation to soldier on.

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I wonder if sticking to my convictions will pay off. At present it seems to be putting me in a variety of extremely precarious positions. I get frequently attacked by powerful people in the media, ICO, cryptocurrency and venture industry. I didn't think I'd have a suite of such enemies by 25.

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When people are financially invested they want a return. When people are emotionally invested they want to contribute.

mybad just tradingview fucking up, as usual

very weird stuff on Okex right now, 3M is 200$ lower than spot and mex's futures, and it's barely moving 🤔

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have a nice piece brewing on PoS versus PoW which should settle the issue.

most critiques of PoW / arguments for PoS are so misguided, they fall apart like wet tissue paper.

Lord grant me better critics so I can face a real challenge one of these days.

The lack of liquidity in ICO shit tokens markets, ethusd, and eventually ETHBTC means that scammers end up dumping btc as well. key difference is that btc eventually has a strong floor and buying pressure coz fundamentals, but shitcoins?

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Since we're all pulling for BTC here, share this "Crypto 101" article I wrote to help explain Bitcoin transactions to newbies. Extensively tested on clueless members of my family, with great success. medium.com/casa/crypto-101-bit

more people getting their bank accounts closed because of crypto related activity in France, often good & honest tax payers. But that's the way it goes, close the accounts first, negociate afterwards... Scary shit tbh 😕

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and octodon.social ; maybe i'll stop now 😁

and mamot.fr and framapiaf.org. all under the same handle

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I want to emphasize that I am very skeptical that will take off. But i'm willing to try, because:

1. We need to learn how to continue the conversation under censorship

2. We need alternatives to Twitter and Reddit

3. Help platforms like @mastodon improve

4. Figure out how to transport identity and reputation

5. Find more alternatives

6. Enjoy some

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I'm wondering if there is any Mastodon instance that tolerate *everything* content wise after reading the story shared by (the) @fed (ansuz.sooke.bc.ca/entry/335)

TIL "The mastodon.social instance run by the main developer of the software, and many of the other first-established instances, are registered in France. Early surveys of the users indicated that French people were the majority. Nonetheless, English quickly became the main language used for talking on the network, even by the French."

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