more people getting their bank accounts closed because of crypto related activity in France, often good & honest tax payers. But that's the way it goes, close the accounts first, negociate afterwards... Scary shit tbh 😕

@MrJ1m On one side you got the headline that they want to lead blockchain technology ( 😂 @ Lemaire...) and on the other they hammer creative people ... France in a nutshell... French people building stuff have to run fast anywhere else than in France the grass will be much greener and it's anyway not worth the hassle w/ those banksters.

@AyrtonBitcoin ture lot of entrepreneurs and early adopter already got the fuck out. but you can also stay and fight :) slow and long process tho, but if we all leave then the country will be really fucked.

@MrJ1m fighting really hard to stay myself , yes you name it if everybody leaves our home country will be more fucked than it is right now.Viva les impôts Enjoy the weekend !

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