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JUST IN – Square's CashApp now supports 's newest upgrade Taproot 🙌

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@MrHodl how DID he get all that power? Political propaganda? I should study the events leading to up his rise more, and less the events leading to his demise.

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Are you really going to let a convicted criminal guilty of mishandling 400M€ of public funds control your money?

Dump the Euro, buy

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In the late 70s the US Federal Reserve anxiously watched as the price of gold rocketed higher, signalling they were losing control over monetary policy.

This time the Fed will be anxiously watching the price of . This time there is no Volcker to save the day.

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Good morning, trolls.

No one can stop Bitcoin!

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@dremannBTC @MrHodl @elonmusk HAHA... ok, first a joke from the one and only MrHodl (Elon-Bitcoin) as in hes introducing the two... next my "i see what you did" acknowledgement of his funny innuendo... Finally the point of it all is IF/WHEN (we believe its when) Elon goes long BTC it will be massive

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We'll send this grenade to any rapper that wants to put it in a music video.

You want to front run all future rappers? Bitcoin is the way.

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Trump on : Rioting is bad.
Trump on : Rioting is good now.

Dems on : Rioting is good.
Dems on : Rioting is bad now.

They really don't have any principles. They just want to demonize anyone who challenges their POWER.

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Overthrew Iran's democracy and turned it into an Islamic shithole for the petrodollar

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Assassinated Thomas Sankara for refusing the IMF and going full economic independence

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Killed Gadaffi for taking on the bankers

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You can't just make your own money!!

You neeed central banks!!!

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Aaaand, double shot today punks. Special Edition with @JackMallers @r0ckstardev and Bob on Strike Global just hit audio feed, hitting Youtube tomorrow.

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