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Luna sold 80,000 BTC and we’re still at $30,000.

Was that capitulation?

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In games, fixed rules lead to peaceful gameplay.

If you’re spending time fighting over the rules of the game, then you’re not playing the game, you’re engaging in politics. In economics, such fighting lessens aggregate wealth creation.

is fixed rules fixing economics.

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Mining is the monetization of stranded energy which increases production of electricity for humanity. Fiat is the monetization of debt which increases government power, bureaucracy, and seigniorage.

“Bitcoin doesn’t have value because all you can do is sell it to someone else in the future.”

Congrats, you invented money.

In the long run, leverage and altcoins will destroy you.

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@LynAldenContact Not only are they clearly inferior monetary tools, economic systems inevitably converge on ONE money.

That’s the entire point of money, not having to barter and trade goods and services for each other.

Which tool is the most immutably scarce, portable, & divisible? Bitcoin wins

Government leaders and Fortune 500 executives are both completely disconnected from reality.

Bitcoin will reduce the amount of central planning in the world, and all of humanity will benefit.

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Guess what happens when the Fed inevitably starts printing again

I distinctively remember this from 2018.

Feels right now too.

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Without the China Mining ban and Nasdaq meltdown, Bitcoin likely would’ve hit $100k+.

In a way, we’re already down 70%+ from would be all time highs. So downside may not be much lower (ignoring any no-liquidity wicks).

Bitcoin is so volatile that by the time everyone is convinced it’s a bear market, the bear market is almost over.

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This week I interviewed @LynAldenContact to discuss the LUNA/UST collapse, state of the Bitcoin market, global macro and more!

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@JeepCheroman @FossGregfoss @JoeCarlasare This is how I think the economy will look in coming years. I expect shocking low and shocking high prices.
I want to be ready for both.

We’ve seen this with S9s. They still haven’t died off, and they account for ~ 18% of total hash rate.

If margins get crunched, they get sold and relocated.

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In the long run, I’m not sure if modern ASICs will ever be destroyed.

They will simply relocate and run on intermittent would be wasted energy.

People are worried about Bitcoin’s “security” when you can literally still deposit, trade, and withdraw Bitcoin SV on multiple exchanges.


Money is fascinating. For something to become money, it needs to be both scarce and well distributed.

This is a paradox, and Bitcoin solved this with a predetermined PoW distribution scheduled that exponentially decreases over time.

We should not be closing nuclear plants in Europe or blocking oil pipelines in the US.

We should be building MORE.

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Increasing energy production/consumption is what enables humans to scale, progress, and advance.

Bitcoin is a new tool that accelerates this positive feedback loop.

~ Energy and Civilization A History

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