Of all the top coins around from the 2017 cycle (ETH, ADA, XRP, IOTA, TRX, and others), Dogecoin was the only one to set a new Bitcoin denominated all time high.

Altcoins are high beta but also high theta.

In the long run, they lose to the superior monetary technology.

@MoonCapital The problem with Bitcoin is that its monetary tech has been broken since inception:

In order for crypto to actually be money, it needs a way to control supply. Bitcoin has no such mechanism and it creates the wrong incentives, which we've seen play out in the 12+ years since the article above was written.

Nobody uses their Bitcoin! Everybody "hodls" in the hopes they can convert into more fiat later. It's sad. :(

@maff1989 @MoonCapital
bitcoin was already consider obsolete back in 2015 when ethereum came out, now there are even better projects that are less talked about like nano (XNO) which is free to transfer and has no mining

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