1/ will transform the world faster than any other technology humans have ever discovered.

The first constant in economics (immutable 21M) will revolutionize the free market pricing mechanism and led to the most efficient allocation of capital in human history.

2/ Comparing to gold, fire, electricity, or real estate will never do it justice. This new technology is unique and unprecedented.

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Explaining as "digital gold" is still a good starting point for those that own 0 BTC.

But it's just the tip of the iceberg. The iPhone isn't just the "digital version" of Alexander Graham Bell's original telephone.

$10M+ $BTC incoming.

3/ is simply the world's best money. This is due to its 2 unique characteristics.

1. No counterparty risk.
2. No dilution risk.

4/ These two unique characteristics that are derived from its properties of scarcity, durable, divisible, portable, fungible, and immutable make a game theoretic Schelling point among all intelligent life.

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1/ is a natural game theoretic Schelling point.

NgU 📈 is programmed. twitter.com/IIICapital/status/


5/ This was a relatively basic thread, but I wanted to remind the world why adoption continues to accelerate and how it will continue to be one of the best performing assets.

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