Robert Kaplan, president & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas:

" is clearly a store of value and a CBDC isn't"

From Texas A&M conference today which is NOT being recorded

While we all know this, the masses don't and so this is an impactful statement

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"How will the FED respond to Bitcoin"

FED Kaplan "The only comment I will make is the FED is studying Bitcoin and we should be.

We need to differentiate between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like China CBDC.

It's clear Bitcoin is a SoV."

Texas A&M conference has me bullish on the state of Texas.

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Btc negative funding yet we cleanly hold sixty thousand dollars

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The DOGE pump is a symptom of broken money. Individuals are pushed to gamble in rigged markets because their money loses value everyday.

Bitcoin has made that speculation optional since individuals now have access to money that increases in purchasing power over time.

is the most useful technology to drive down the cost of energy for humanity.”

- @michael_saylor

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@MimesisCapital has purchased an additional ~13 bitcoins for $799,850 in cash at an average price of ~$61630 per



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If you're not long , you're short it.

Ask yourself, do you really want to be short this??

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@jeetsidhu_ @coryklippsten 's price is both a function of scarcity and global adoption/society's understanding of Bitcoin (both very connected).


Unprecedented fiscal & monetary policy + bull market = peak altcoin nonsense

Once people begin to learn USD returns don't matter (you're not actually getting "rich"), $BTC will be the only play.


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is the most efficient system in the history of mankind for channeling energy thru time and space. twitter.com/nic__carter/status

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@dyerchase Markets trend toward efficiency. That's why was the best performing asset last decade by a wide margin.

It's simply individuals game theoretically converging on the best monetary good as a natural Schelling point.


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Really enjoyed listening to this @stephanlivera podcast, where @IIICapital expresses a very accessible exploration of what the function and value of in the financial markets of the future might look like twitter.com/stephanlivera/stat

I plan on diving deeper into onchain analytics soon. What would you like me to research?

This is why HODLing your own private keys in cold storage is the best strategy.
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is 1 black swan event away from $0.5M - $1M.

Once a major government, central bank, or $500B+ corporation adopts a Bitcoin standard, the real fun will begin.

Don’t stack for yourself. Stack for your grandchildren’s grandchildren.

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is 1 black swan event away from $0.5M - $1M.

Once a major government, central bank, or $500B+ corporation adopts a Bitcoin standard, the real fun will begin.

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