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The last time policy rates were elevated and risk markets were falling, the Fed paused hiking rates (labeled in red), and bitcoin stopped declining and started basing:

We see bitcoin waiting for the Fed to notice cracks in the real economy and shift the path for policy.

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The Euro is at 20 year lows.
The Yen is at 24 year lows.
The Pound is at 37 year lows.

We are seeing the collapse of ponzi currencies into hard currencies. First all fiats collapse into USD, then the USD into Bitcoin.

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Proof-of-work via creates a portal that introduces real world physical costs into cyberspace

This is an invaluable evolution for humanity as we head further into the digital age.

cc: @JasonPLowery

If you own Bitcoin everyone else that owns Bitcoin works for you.

Bitcoin is the ultimate monetary system. All businesses compete to realize BTC profits, but free markets result in high competition and low profits.

Efficiencies accrue wealth to entrepreneurs and BTC savers.

This week I sat down with @muneeb to debate the trade offs of current Bitcoin second layers (lightning, liquid, RSK, stacks, etc.).

Nothing provides the same certainty as base layer Bitcoin, but second layers are critical to scaling BTC.


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Performance of a few major indices since the COVID bottom.

Bitcoin: +201%
Commodities: +86%
Nasdaq: +62%
Russell 3000: +60%
Gold: +7%
High Yield Bonds: +4%
Long Duration Bonds: -33%

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It feels like everything is about to go straight toward 0 USD.

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"Bitcoin is below 2017 highs, its over" - TradFi commentator who's been bearish since 2012.

My guy, Treasury bonds are at levels last seen in 2011, simmer down.

Changing of the guard.

The best minds aren't on Wall Street, and maybe they never were, ha.

Yields soaring, equities down, and Bitcoin ripping.


Long term, I'm highly bullish on a Bitcoin backed mortgage product.

People like Kelly will bring this to fruition.

Excited to see what comes.
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GM bitcoin frens

Bear markets are for building, so take part in some building!

Help craft the Bitcoin Mortgage product you would sign the dotted line on by taking this primary research survey

Public announcement soon™️

Please RT. The more the merrier!


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halvings cause a supply shock. The slow accumulation of this supply shortage drives a bull market in the ensuing ~18 months.

2012 and 2016 halving -> 2013 and 2017 mania. 2020 halving on track for same.

This thread attempts to visualize those mechanics.

Serious Q - why does the fed not look at MoM CPI and realize they are currently stuffing inflation?

A record high 77.7% of all BTC hasn't moved in over 6 months.

The price of BTC was $42,378 (-55%).

The bottom is near.

The Consumer Price Index from July and August show an annualized inflation rate of 0.6%, well below the target rate of 2.0%.

Additionally, the fed funds rate is now 3.00% to 3.25%, deeply positive real rates.

The fed is trying to CRUSH demand.

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