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This week I interviewed Riot Blockchain CEO @JasonLes_ to talk about all things Bitcoin mining, co-hosted by Blockware CEO @Mason_Jappa

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God has full knowledge of your private keys and yet He chooses not to take your bitcoins, this is something to be grateful for!

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If is spent energy with increasing value, does that not mean those same bitcoins are worth more energy in the future? Does not more energy lead to higher standards of living? If so, should not such standard revolve around the universal unit of account and not a guess? twitter.com/MartyBent/status/1

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@JasonPLowery @DoombergT 40 years of the status quo USD system has left US policymakers that were born on 3rd base and thinking they hit a triple actually believing that the real value in money is the printing press, not the energy in the system.

We are going to win because there is no other choice.

Tether can handle a minor bank run better than your Wells Fargo checking account.

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We went from:

Tether is completely unbacked & prints at will to pump the entire crypto market because there is no liquidity


Tether redeemed $9 billion in 48 hours with no problems & this is bad because, uh, they were partially backed I guess? But they're about to run out!

In today’s world, you either find companies with high growth or high margins.

Few have both.

Bitcoin miners have both.

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In 2000, Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix for $50 million.

In 2022, oil & gas companies have the same opportunity to buy miners on the cheap.

History doesn't repeat, but it often rhymes.

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If I were a publicly-traded oil & gas company, I would strongly consider trading some of my richly-valued shares for a deeply undervalued mining company.

The merger of Bitcoin & energy companies is inevitable... you might as well strike while the iron's hot.

If the ETH merge ever happens, ETH/BTC will permanently top.

It will likely never breach the all time high set 5 years ago.

Bitcoin is the ultimate monetary good due to it being perfectly scarce with no insiders.

All Bitcoin was acquired at 1 of 2 market prices:

1. $/BTC
2. watts/BTC

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But it won’t create more food or energy! The Fed is about to engineer a financial crisis while at the same time further disrupting supply chains which will worsen the inflation crisis. is the only way out, the Fed is a clown show, opt out while you still can twitter.com/lisaabramowicz1/st

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@satrinity402 @elonmusk Would love to chat ESG on TFTC, @elonmusk! We record in Austin.

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New @CambridgeAltFin CBECI Bitcoin mining map just dropped (h/t @mrauchs)

Bottom vibes are strong here.

I think 25k may have been it.

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Bitcoin market absorbed ~$2.4Bn in selling so well that people thought LFG hadn't even sold their BTC reserves

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There is only .

In 12-27 years will be the one and only money accepted by everyone everywhere.

is the world's first money.

This is hyperbitcoinization.

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